"srry hes vry emotional" naruto says "its ok *hugs pale* "

"what" says gost

bloxx begins 2 speak "SOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooOOOOOOOO"

  • BOOM*

a bulet tears through bloxxs head and hiz body falls gost falls to his knees and cradles bloxxs lifeless corpse "YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY"

angry cam puts his hand on gosts shoulder "we'll get pay back man"

"yeah i no"

angry cams hand moves to gosts dik gost jumps up "the fuck bro"

"sorry bro its been awhile anyway we beter get out of the way before that sniper shoots again"

before they can move another shot goes off

  • BOOM*

the bullet goes through narutos asshole and exits his balls he falls screaming in pain "y klee </3" naruto dies

"fuuuk get 2 cover!" razor yells

"hoos snipin" angry cam yells

andrea...i mean klee sits in the belltowr wif sniper rifle

"lel deese fukin noobs suk" she fires a shit at gost and hits his leg den her gun jams

"fack" she runs out of the belltower

angry cam fires an rpg at the main gate blowing it open "alrite everyone go!"

razor is the first one in one of klees henchmen is there razor reconizes im from the past rYan ordian or whatever he aims his gun at razor

"ya fuck you razor wolf"

razor shots him in the leg rYan tries to crawl for it but razor kicks it away and aims at his head rYan looks up

razor smiles "no fuck you rYan ordian" razor fires killing him, pig approches

"dam gud shot m8 im still more badass though m8 m8" says pig


"fuck u fag m8 ur a-" a bullet hits pig in the belly he falls down razor looks to see klee aiming her intervention razor jumps behind a brickwall klee fires but she dont haves fmj so razor is ok. "fook" klee runs away to reload

razor starts laughing "hahaha no fmj what a n00b" sudently he feels a gun to the back of his head.

"got u bro" says grandbro


To be continued...


  • gost
  • razor
  • bloxx
  • angry cam
  • klee
  • grandbro
  • pigpen
  • naruto
  • pale
  • rYan ordian


  • bloxx
  • naruto
  • rYan ordian


  • dis issue shows how savage of a writer ive become
  • klee is so mean :(