angry cam and gost arrive in georgia "how we get hear?' gost asks.

"plot" angry cam replies

"o well y are we here"

"2 meet colin follow me" angry cam and and gost go to a small tent outside of a trailer the trailer door reads "chandlr rigs dressin room m8" angry cam knocks on the tent flap (lel flap) and some fat black guy comes out

"wat u want"

"we ned ur help 2 rescue katie" angry cam says

"y wood i help her shea a fukin cunt"

"we no dat but were corupt assholes so we stay frinds wif her HIPO SAID SO" gost yells

"wats in it for me?"

angry cam pulls out a pair of boxers "deese belong to chandlr m8"

colin snatches the boxers ans stufs dem in his pants "k ill help give me one wish and i will grant it"

gost thought for a minute "bring back my friend razor"

"done" shell grunts in pain and then a new razor slides out of his asshole.

"gonna go kill myself now" angry cam says

gost hugs razors big biker arms "glad ur ok razor"

"me 2 but wat happend"

"no time we hav 2 go" says angry cam

"yea get out of here chandlr is filming soon" colin says as he grabs some lotion

as angry cam, new razor and gost leave dere stopped by a tall handsome blak man with a big smile on his face gost shits himself when he realizes its bloxx

"bloxx dat u!"

"it is" bloxx says

"but how gost bashed in ur head" razor says

"its ok it got me right on the bandage" bloxx says


"guys we have to go katie may not have much time"

"wat do u mean klees probably not goin 2 kil her or-"


To be continued...


  • gost
  • angry cam
  • bloxx
  • colin
  • new razor


  • nun


  • jesus wil never b in dis story
  • first issue where katie isnt a cunt lololo
  • cock