zombie hipo iz able 2 get away b4 katie can finsih him gost and razor cum in the coffe shit.

"wat happened" says gost

"i had to shoot cam" katie says with no emotion cus shes a cunt

"dam" says razor

bloxx begins moving hes a zombie now gost brutally bashes in his skull with a table because bloxx is a bully

"glad that gui is dead" razor says

"me 2" says gost "he wos corrupt wif power had 2 be dun"

"so now wat" razor says

"lets fuk" says katie

"kk" gost says

after fuckin the group leaves the shop and sees a tall blonde girl with a huge grin on her face behind her stand two Aussie lookin chaps, one of them wears a very long scarf and has long crazy hair the other is clearly a body builder of some sort.

"hoo r u" gost asks

"im klee" the woman says "and this is gravelord and grandbro"

"call me doctor 4" says gravelord

klee slaps him "shit up gravelord"

"r u dee antagonist" razor asks

"yus" she shoots razor in dee head

"NO!" cries gost

To be continued...


  • gost
  • razor
  • katie
  • klee
  • gravelord
  • grandbro
  • zombie bloxx


  • razor
  • zombie bloxx


  • bloxx was a bully so he died
  • katie is still a cunt lolololo
  • fuck you