yo dis shit takes place after the main story xdd pigpen woke up to the sound of a yodelling rooster, he walks into the bathroom and puts on his prospectic arm yeah he lost it in time skip xddd he looked at his beutiful wife BECCA laying in bed sleep. he smiled and stroked her hair like a creepy nigga.

"good moring hon" he whispered in her eear

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH" she screamed like tommid

"wot" pig says

"o srry bae thought u wer a monster lel"


becca getsa up shes in secky nighgown making pig drool.

"i am going 2 destroy that l8r" he say to himslf

becca put on cloth and go outside ppl farming one is keef

"mornin keef how are the cows?"

"pretti good yo ma'mn i was wonderin if i cood hav a break"

beccas face turn agro "u...u..want a brek...."


becca pulled pout a whip and becane whipped creaming him


sudently another bob stooky popped up he look mad

"dude thats fucking racist. i don't appreciuate that word being used"

"wats going on?" pig asked coming out of home dressied in leader clothes

"se said nigger and i dont like it" bob dude said

"well we dont have a rule againt it m8" pig say

"woooooooooooooooow real nice wiki youre running here"


"im out of here and thats just dis dead mans onion" he left


"becca honey lets go c howe riwee is doin xdd"

becky boi and pigdick go u[ hill to house b4 dey cxan kncok bowling ball man open door

"like what do u want??"

"just wanted 2 cee how you were doing in ur new home"

"like i dont even caaaaaaaaaaaaare" rilet say

"thats not an answer" becker say

"can u guys like go away?? im auditioning for mass effect 6 m8"

"fiiiiiiiiine" hogpen and beca leef him alone LEEV ME ALONE and go to town chruch and ee lav coloring in blode girl from 135 SHE HAS BIG EYES THAT HE CAN GIVE A WERID COLOR

"hey father lav" pig say

lav put away drawing and look aty them


"k see ya"

they leave chrunch and meet anoth gui who looks like comic axel and rick i guess

"hey boss can i start working on a wind mill it would really help"



"inb4 you make one anyway"


"god raxel ur such a fucking faggot"

pig gets pm from cam



"you're being a fucking asshole right now"

"o srry"

pig apollo11 to eaxel and leave

"well honne im gonna go make dinner now bi"

pig and bec kiss and she go home he watches her butt as she walks oh how he longs for it HE WANTS THAT BOOTY but if she knew the truth about him nothing woyld by the smae he holds his musty desires back when siddenyl a guy runs up to him. it lingoawesome or something

"sir we have a problem"

"wots wrong"

"missing ppl i found blood on ground over dere"

"really...............................................................thats depressing"

"ya wat should we do"

pig puts on fedora "im on the case"

read part 4 lol


  • piggie
  • becca
  • riwee
  • keef
  • bob guy
  • raxel
  • lingo


  • jo mama


  • no theme yet m8
  • totally not copying twd m8
  • pig is a gr8t leader m8
  • pig r u mad or annoyed???

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