pig look on as his community burns his eyes well up with cum

"how did this even hapn" lav said

"we've lost so uch" pig said

"no i mean like how did this hapen the last issue didn't end li--"

pig shots lav in head

"No FUCkinG ORth wALL JOkES iN THis stoRY CUNt" pig says savage

the bullet went thrt lavs head and hit the internet motem riwee step outside the sun burns his dark eyes his long mop hair shields them tho he approches pig a look of indefrince on his face

"like what the fuck man i was in the middle of a tf2 match"

"im soro but we're leaving"

"k @leaving"

"booberry is burning m9" pig resend

"like i dont even caaaaare" riwee say in his riwee ways"

everyone pack up and leaf they walkin down the road pig, riwee...lingo and dom... Jesus fuck I killed all the funny people

"really...........................................thats depressing" pig says

"fuck you pig" ghost responds

"I HAVE TO PEE" lingo yells


"lingo go in woods to PISS and everyone else w8s m8

"riwee you think we'll ever find a new place"

riwee didnt answer reading a book

pif sigh angry "let me guess i have no mouth and i must cream?"

"no m8 its the squeakul i have no legs and i must walk its like pretty emotional but like i dont even like it that much"

suddently riwee sees a naked chick on a train track holding a violin her ass shinging in the sun light


riwee gets up and joins the girl on thre track they walk away never to be seen again

"damn't m9"

dom comes up



"i found lingo he got eaten by zooms"

pig sigh sad

"like how the past couple of days just become worse and worse. Watch tomorrow I get hit by a bus or something bad happens. God my life sucks."


take me to him

they go to lingo body and burn it dom put hand on pig ass

"hey we aint ashes"

"i know god we've lost so much i havent been this sad since lee died"

bloxx comes in with his south park pajamas loged in his ass "lee wasn't even a great character"

pig rips bloxxs head off and thorws it in lake "DONT TALK SHIT ON LEE MOTHERFUCKER"

hellllllllllllllllllo" they hear behind them they turn and see man with long hair and beard he has a GRAVELLY voice

"riwee dat chu?"

"ye its me"

"no its not"

"lol you got me"

pig pulls gun anger filling him "SO WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU???"

"relax man my name is Aoung Ynarchy ive been traveling for awhile now looking for people"

"well its just me and my friend elitot rodgers here"

"*Rodger" tom bombadil says

"damn't thanks anyway m90"

"so u guys wanna come back to my camp? i got food Ynarchy asks"

"wot u got?"


pig smiles "getting pizza tonight HECK YEA"

they follow manarchy to his shack pig thinks he reconizes him from past but dont thikno on it yet he gives im and dom food it looks like a girl shaped pizza

"is this a person" pig ask

"no its pizza m9"

"K" pig eat hungry nom nom

"so mister Ynarchy was it?"


"you ever seeen...................................................................................................................................................................................................................SONS OF ANARCHY?"


"pig smiles"


Pig punches him so hard his head fly off PIG STRONG???? :oooo but its not actually head its mask pig is shcoed to see the person underneath






angry cam nodded "listen 'ere you little gobshite We used to help people, we saved people. Things changed. They came in and… ahh!… After that… I know that you've been out there but I can see it. You don't know what it is to be hungry. You don't have to do this we can walk away, and we will never cross paths again, I promise you."

"whos we?"


>mfw angry cam is actually angry

"so who did we eat"

"idk some chick named deb so i guess youre gonna kill me now"

"no im gonna follow your expample youre going to JAIL"

angry cam growl "i would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for you meddling kid"

"woof" dom says

"ooh and that mangy dom"

"we can make a new home here starting with us. We. Can. Survive."

camera zooms out onto hilltop Jasper is watching the new community in broody silence



  • pig
  • riwee
  • lav
  • dom
  • bloxx
  • tom bombboi
  • naked chick
  • angry cam
  • deb


  • lav
  • deb
  • bloxx
  • booberry


  • bye
  • fuck off
  • domt be mad at me riwee
  • damn't
  • m9
  • my life sucks
  • pizza
  • twd
  • tv rick
  • dante
  • lee

Author NoteEdit

Thanks for reading everyone. I hope you enjoyed the series. <3

"Corruption is the enemy of development, and of good governance. It must be got rid of. Both the government and the people at large must come together to achieve this national objective."
—Brent Gawronski

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