gost cries over razors dead body "u fucking bitch!" he says

klee lafs "haha wat a fag"

gravelord also lafs and grandbro lifts some weights while nodding his head

"ur not goin to kill us" katie asks

klee stops lafing "no i got sumtin special 4 u"

"dey gonna root" gost says

"u no it" says a voice from behind they all turn to see angry cam

"omg its angry cam : O" says gost

"its me" says angry cam he takes out his doctor 9 statue and beats grave to def with it bashing in his skull

grandbro grabs katie and runs away klee follows closely "dis isnt over!" she yells as she runs

angry cam takes a shit on gravelord and then helps gost to his feet

"sorry i didnt get here in time to help razor"

"its k he died like a badass cause hes the most badass character m8"


"now we hav to save katie from that lady" gost says

"ye i no some1 who can help" says angry cam

"hoo?" gost asks

"angry cam turns dramatically. "they call him...colin"

To be continued...


  • gost
  • katie
  • klee
  • gravelord
  • grandbro
  • angry cam
  • razor (dead)


  • gravelord


  • klee and katie will fuk
  • im gay