klee wanks into the big room where shes keeping katie, katie sits in a chair "so is dis the part where u torture me?" katie asks

"no y wood i do dat?" klee says

"cus villain"

"o well no i wos just goin 2 fuk u"


klee and katie fuk ferosisly off panel i would show it but cc will git mad : ( after theyre hot fukin session klee leaves katie locked in the room where she gets back to doing cunt things cause shes a cunt hehe, another gui approches klee, hes a short mexican guy or maybe hes brazilian idk theyre all da same lol

"wot do u want tommy" klee asks

"srry ma'am i wos just wondering if i cood tak off today"


"cus i wanna play super smash bros its like the only game i tlk abot m8"

klee kiks tommy in the balls "NO!" tommy runs away crying grandbro approaches


"wot is it grandbro"

"lets git on twd wiki chat"


angry cam and the rest of the group arrive on the outskirts of klees hideout a giant belltower.

"strange hideout" says razor

"ye she based it off the belltower from twd comics because shes an obsessive andrea fan lol" angry cam explains

"lol ye" sats gost

"SOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooOOOOOOOO what do we do now" bloxx asks

"wait i see someone over der" angry cam points to a hooded figure on a hill they slowly approach him and he turns around its a...pig what the fuck anyway yeah its a pig and hes dirty as if he were in a pen 'fuck a duck!" yells angry cam he falls back into a pile of pig shit

"hoo r u" razor asks

"im pigpen are u guis friends m8"

"wer tryin to rescue r friend from klee"

"gud we can help eachuter m8" says pigpen

"wat u mean"

"i used 2 be a member of klees community but i left cus shes a corrupt leader 06 really should have been leader instead"

"wat happened 2 06"

"klee threw him out of the belltower his body splattered into a million pieces"

"shieeeeeeeeeeeeeeet" says all the good guys except for angry cam because hes the serious one

"im the leader of a resistance wif 2 othr guys cum on out guis" 2 other guys jump out of the bush one is a little guy who looks like a anime character, the other is some terrifying monster thing with eyes on his hands "dis is naruto and pale" says pig

"hay im naruto i have ptsd and have been on relif misons 2 15 cuntrys (ghost) :3"

"kden" says gost "y do u guys h8 klee"

"i h8 her cus she deleted 1 of my blogs m8" says pig

"i h8 her cus she says no no words on chat :(" says naruto

"wat about u pale" asks bloxx

"she...she...she...SHE KILLED MY BOY"



To be continued...


  • gost
  • razor
  • katie
  • bloxx
  • angry cam
  • klee
  • grandbro
  • tommy
  • pigpen
  • naruto
  • pale


  • 06 (confirmed fat)
  • pales son (confirmed fat)


  • dis series will only be 10 issues
  • cam likes dick