klee fired her first shit the bullet hit razor in the stomach

"NO!" angry cam yells

razor grabbed his wound and fell to the ground "ill be fine just go!"

angry cam and pigpen charged klee she fired another round from her sniper


"dis bitch is crazy" angry cam says

"yea m8 just keep going"

klee fired another shot angry cam blocked it with his hair pigpen did a quick flying ninja kick to klees pussie she dropped the rifle and fell, angry cam grabbed the sniper gun and threw it out the window.

"ur reign of terror has cum 2 an end klee"

"so ur going to kill me now? well go on then"

"no im not your going to jail, youre going to see wat dis community becomes ur going to die an old woman klee"

"w8 ur seriously doing dat?" klee asked with shook

"lol no what kind of retard would do that?" angry cam pulled out his pistol and shot klee in the head

"dam we won m8" pigpen said

"ye but not at a price" angry cam returned to razor who was slowly bleeding to def razor looked up at angry cam and smiled

"did...we win??"

angry cam nodded "yea man we won"

"i knew we wood mang i knew we..." razor died cam shut his eyes as a single tear rolled down his cheek

"we'll make shore he gets a proper burial m8" pigpen says

"thanks" angry cam says "what will u do now?"

"this is my community now im going to rebuild it make it better 4 all of us"

3 more people walked in the room one was a guy with a bowling ball for a head the other was a blak dood with dreds and the last juan was a retarded looking rik grimes

"hoo are you guys m8" pigpen asks

the bowling ball speaks first "im riwee this is my group dom and chief keef"

"..." says dom

"sup nigga" says keef

"y r u here" pigpen asks

"we heard there was a big community out here wondering if we could join"

"well we do need new members sure thing m8s"

later after the funeral for razor, gost, pale and all the others who died in the fight angry cam and katie watched the sunset together

"we lost so much" angry cam says sadly

"yea i cant help but feel i caused it all"

"wasnt ur fault katie we knew wat we were getting into"

"maybe but this whole thing has taught me a lesson my cunt days are over and im going to give u a proper reward for saving me"

"o wat is it?"

"follow ;)"

angry cams eyes widened "awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yissssssssssss"

after a night of hardcore angry sex angry cam woke up to see katie was gone and only a note was left on her pillow the note read

"lol you really believed me ur a fucking moron dude oh well it was fun getting one over on u like that anyway im leaving so cya also i took ur credit card xx - katie"

angry cam shook his head and smiled "what a cunt"

The Beatles - Hello, Goodbye

The Beatles - Hello, Goodbye


katie - after the events of Wikie outbreak katie bought a new car with angry cams money and went to canada where she was eventually publicly executed by the new dictator zora and his wife phazon for being a bully and a cunt

angry cam - after the events of Wikie outbreak angry cam left pigpens community and set off alone into the unknown he was never heard from again

pigpen - after the events of Wikie outbreak pigpen continued to lead his community and say m8 a lot...m8

riwee - after the events of Wikie outbreak riwee became a famous voice actor for video games

keef - after the events of Wikie outbreak keef went on to make many cool rap songs that no one listens to

dom - after the events of Wikie outbreak dom did...stuff? idk

colin - after the events of Wikie outbreak colin continued wanking to chandlr rigs until he died of auto erotic asphyxiation


  • razor
  • katie
  • angry cam
  • klee
  • pigpen
  • riwee
  • keef
  • dom


  • klee
  • razor
  • katie (after teh storee)
  • colin (after teh storee)