razor starts crying as he sees the person being torn apart

its gost he cries out in pain as a giant sowrd is driven through him the figure that stands behind him his lee dixon the towering scott grabs gosts head and twists it off with ease he holds the head up


razor falls to his knees in tears "yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy"

lee dixon lafs and grabs razor he begins to choke him razor kiks to no avail "pls let me go" he begs

lee scoffs "i will kill all those who are against independence in the mother land"

"but im not m8"

"o" lee drops razor and walks away razor crawls to gosts head and cradles it "y gost y u die" he strokes gosts beautiful black skin and cries pig approches him

"its ok m8 he went out like a hero m8"

razor wipes his eyes "it should have been me"

"meh he wasnt as badass as me m8 but he was still a cool guy m8"

razor puts the severed head back on the ground "ill get payback 4 u"

lee dixon approches angry cam with his sowrd "prepare 2 die cam"

"im not cam im angry cam"

"close enough"

"well if your goin to kill me im just saying scotish independence is stupid"

"Fuck you"

"made me cri"

lee swings his sowrd it cuts off angry cams hand he then tackles angry cam and starts punching him "WE WILL BE FREE OR DIE TRYING"

"free from wat?"

"shut up english scum" lee punches angry cam again breaking his glasses, before lee can finish him he feels a shotgun barrel to his head he turns to see razor still crying cus hes a pussie lol

"dis is for gost" he fires the bullet bounces off lees head lee begins to laf loudly

"stoopid noregin true scots are immune to petty weapons" lee takes the shotgun and eats it

"were fuked" says razor

meanwhile klee and grandbro watch the chaos from the belltower

"haha lee dixon is really helping us here" klee says as she uploads more andrea pics on twdw

"yeah luks like we won again how about some celabration sex" says grandbro



"speaking of sex tho go get me that katie cunt i need some puss"

"is my dik not goood enough???" says grandbro

"2 small" klee responds

"o fine ill get her" just as grandbro turns an arrow flies through his head killin him his body falls off the tower klee turns to see pale.

"hoo dafuq are u?"

"im your end" says pale



"obviously lying but k lets do this" says klee

To be continued...


  • gost
  • razor
  • angry cam
  • klee
  • grandbro
  • pale
  • pigpen
  • lee dixon


  • gost
  • grandbro


  • i killed myself in my own story SO EDGY