Bloxxa POV

Bloxxa woke up on a plane for some reason. And he was naked. His sexy ginger chest mane, his sexy ginger pube mane and his sexy ginger normal mane swooshed in the breeze, even though there was no breeze because he was on a plane. I have no idea why I'm writing this.

He looked around him and was gobsmacked. No literally he was smacked in the gob by a fat kid in an incredibly unflattering mankini. "Fuck you i have autism you fucker" he said before smacking Bloxxa again, straight in his hairy manly ballsack. "Do u know who I am Bloxxa?" He asked sp00kily, forgetting that he was wearing a nametag.

"Shieet Hippo wot u doing here?" Bloxxa asked, thinking that he might've got too high again. Last time that happened, he found himself in a public toilet with Cheria, five VSTF members and a MAGMA DRAKE. And he couldn't sit down for several weeks.

"Ummm...idk, why are we all here?"

Bloxxa looked around and DUN DUN DUN all his friends were there, so was Ghost. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH. File:BlackPeopleReact.mp4 Get rekd wostgholf666.

And then he noticed Cam crying in the seat on his right (with puppet strings attacked to his back), and cuddled him because they're both incredibly manly and attractive (careful ladies). "What's up CammieBoi?" Bloxxa asked.

"L-l-look over there" Cam stuttered, shaking his hand as he pointed at someone. Bloxx leaned over, groped Cam's fat dick, and looked. He almost fainted.

"OH FUCK IS THAT VINCENT MYERS?!" He cried. The figure turned and smirked, and Bloxxa came and shit himself at the same time. His hand was still on Cam's dick, and Cam didn't move it ;))

"Dat not all..." Cam grinned, leaning back to show Bloxxa the person beside him. "Meet my new bestie, OldMe."

"Shit it's OldCamTheWoot" Bloxxa's jaw dropped to a size that could almost take Cam's dick. Almost.

"Ernie*" Ernie corrected.

“Wait, didn’t you get pushed in a zombie pit, or something like that?” Bloxx asked, remembering WAD issue 29 and how it made Cam cry like a pussy boi.

"Nah Wikia undid that edit and brought me back to life for this shit. Don't tell me that you don't know about Wikia Royale?" Ernie said while stroking his sexy grey version of Cam's hair.

"O yeh that shit fic Katie wrote on GFF and never finished because she's a cunt" Bloxx remembered. "I wonder if Katie's here..."

"Who cares, she's a cunt" said everyone on the plane, even Katie, of course Cam didn’t, because he’s her puppet. As it turned out, she was behind him, holding the strings that came out of Cam's back.

"Almost, Bloxxa" said Ernie, before leaning over and touching Cam's other dick. "EETS REEL DIS TYME."

Before Bloxxa could reply, the intercom came on.

"Good evening passengers/victims this is your Captain Brandon Rhea speaking. In between getting sucked off by Cam, myself and my co-pilot Brian Linder will be showing you videos explaining the rules of the Royale. Oh and btw, Katie is a cunt." His smarmy cunt face appeared on a TV screen, and Cam cried with shame. So did Ernie, because he'd spent almost sixty years trying to tell Wikia Staff that he wasn't Cam, only to be cut off by having a dick shoved down his throat.

They're listed on the FFL article so we'll skip this bit, Bloxxa thought to himself. No one reads the rules anyway. Rules are for pussies. And pussi bois dont want war.


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