Wicked Deed

Wicked Deed is a continuation to the stage musical Wicked by Juanmaseta. It deals with the problems the Emerald City had to face after Elphaba's supposed demise. When times are wicked in the city of emeralds, no good deed goes unpunished. 


Compendium One: Amid Anarchy:Edit

Conpendium Two: Lend Me Your Ears:Edit

  • Chapter One



  • Elphaba Thropp, the dreaded wicked witch.
  • Galinda (also known as Glinda), the bubbly counselor and friend of all citizens.
  • Fiyero, the ever-loving scarecrow.


  • Boq, the sorrowful, ill-fated tin man.
  • Doctor Dillamond, the wise goat.
  • Absolom
  • Aglaé
  • Melena


  • Arnau
  • Athenaís
  • Nikko
  • Volkov


Unfamiliar with the plot of Wicked? Click here to read its synopsis. 

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