Victor Michaels Fosserbill
Book one victor michaels fosserbill
Gender Male
Hair Black
Age 49
Occupation Owner of the Electricon Company
Family Janette Michaels Fosserbill - Wife
Jonathan Michaels Fosserbill - Son
Georgio Michaels Fosserbill - Father(Deceased)
Carla Cruz Michaels Fosserbill - Mother(Deceased)
First Appearance Chapter 1
Status Alive
Series lifespan Chapter 1 - present
Ethnicity Caucasian

Victor Michaels Fosserbill is one of the main characters on Phases Series by Bernadus Andrew. A man with a dark past, which caused him to be so consumed by his idea to make the world into a better place, by killing the bad men, and replace them with the good men. He is the last heir of his family to take over the reign his father sat at before his death. Victor married to a woman named; Janette, and has a son, who he named; Jonathan.



  • Victor was slightly inspired by Victor Von Doom, a major villain on Fantastic Four.

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