The idea behind Road to the Unknown

Awww shucks, I don't rightly know it just sorta came into my head at some point and I figured 'fuck it', I don't write might as well pass off the time with that shit.

Favorite and Least Favorite Characters

Favorite, either my man Sean, Jason or even Derek. Least favorite, probably Straid whatever their name be.

Scrapped Ideas

I've got some ideas which I've planned out some involving Straid and some of the other main peeps, I just need to rest of the shit restored. There's quite a lot of cut shit I got rid of for either being too complicated or just didn't add much in the long run, I'd been planning on doing a Cutting Room Floor sub page when I finish (or cancel if I get too fucking lazy) the story.

Upcoming Stories

A few, but I'm not entirely sure whether or not I'll at least announce them at some point.

Favorite Thing in Road to the Unknown

Either when Royce and big man Jason went to save Tanith (fuck I hate my character names, never come up with names when drunk, o hecking well retcons can happen) or the reveal about the healing factor for Royce.


Probably some of the starting issues, fuck they were terribad. Kinda regret killing off Derek but he was somewhat of a plot filler, still I enjoyed writing him. Another scene I really regret on how it came out was Sean going on a baby rant and 'kicking Rayne in the stomach' that hit was terribad writing.

next time idk

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