it's showcase time!

Favorite Story

My favorite thing to write was definitely Outsiders, especially considering the massive collaborations Cam and I planned out. Sadly, you guys didn't get to see them all, but I can assure you the time we spent planning them was really fuckin fun. And getting a chance to write Terrence Brodmir wasn't too shabby either.

Least Favorite Story

It's gotta be A Good Day to Die on GFF, really. That thing was a bastard, and I was a bastard of a writer at the time, which led to me killing off four central characters (Bill, Wire, Haley and Jack) just because I had no idea how to write anything other than action scenes. And the less said about the Lance/Maxine sex scene the better, especially since they were meant to be 15 at the time. Fuckin' hell low do you go...

Favorite Character

Lilly, without a fuckin doubt. Writing Lilly is so fun for me because of how unstable she is: one minute she's funny, then she's sexy then she's scary, then she's fuckin' mental. Writing a character with such fluidity is so fuckin fun.

Least Favorite Character

Without a shadow of a doubt, writing that cancerous team-up of Bloxx, Kenny and Doge in the Musical. I fucking hated those three, and every scene they were in, with all my heart.


Bill's death in A Good Day to Die, that guy is one of my favourite characters that I've created (though you haven't had a chance to see him properly yet), and I killed him because I was confused. I hate that I did that.


The surprise is there is no surprise

Katie's Stuff


Wikia Royale 2

Next time it's Ghost then Riwee and then.....

shit idk who else writes.

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