Favorite Story

Evil Things for sure, it's the first serious story I feel truly proud of. And I have a lot of cool stuff planned for it that I think people will enjoy.

Least Favorite Story

Probably the original Ashes to Ashes. I don't even remember much from it other than the story made no sense and I had these two over the top Russian characters in it lol. The re-write was a bit better, but not by much I could just never figure out what to do with it. If Ashes to Ashes ever returns I hope it will fare better.

Original Plans for WAD before it's cancellation?

Honestly I don't remember much. I think they were going to a community or something. Basically Alexandria.

Favorite and Least Favorite Characters

Ronald is a blast to right I love morally grey characters and Ronald is right up my alley. I pretty much love all my characters in ET. As for least favorites there's not really one I don't like writing, but I suppose the minor ones like Edward and Harold aren't particularly memorable. When it comes to my comedic stories, again I pretty much liked writing all the characters, except Dom in TDAU. Fuck Dom.


Hm, for a story probably The League, it was a fun idea, but man was it weird like an overly gritty...comedy story? I don't even know anymore. It was fun writing with Caulk, but why the fuck was Bloxx there? Ugh there was so much wrong with it. If I had to pick a moment I regret, maybe killing Edward in ET? I mean there is some pretty cool stuff coming up regarding his death, but I feel I should have expanded his relationship with Trevor a bit more first.

Upcoming Stuff

Nothing I can really discuss right at this moment, I'm trying to make a new version of Ashes to Ashes, but I can't guarantee when and if that'll come out. I have a few other stories planned out and I may continue TDAU at some point. Only time will tell.

Good Things in WAD

Well, I did generally enjoy writing James Marshall, even though he was kind of just a Brian Blake rip off. Specifically I loved his stand alone story, it's really the only thing about WAD I'm proud of .


Evil Things: The Promise

Next time I'll be interviewing Riley Heligo aka Riwee.

And then I'll interview...maybe Razor, there's nobody else besides him. Maybe Dom.

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