This is the first issue of the Uma Nova Vida series.


It was around 6 PM, and I was up in my room, listening to my favorite band, Anthrax, on my headphones. I had all kind of stuff open on my computer. Facebook, YouTube, 4chan, an incognito window with some porn and Skype. I was there for over 4 hours by now, since I woke up. The empty plate from my "lunch" laid on the side of my table. "This is real life." I thought to myself.

It was then when my friend from the US, Matthew, sent me a link on Skype. The sound of the notification popped in the middle of the solo, and that irritated me so much. I checked on Skype to see what he wanted me to see, and started a video call with him.

"Hey man!" Matthew said, excitedly as always. "Did you see the link I just posted?"

"Not yet, Matt. I'm not some super-fast freak or something like that." I replied. "By the way, you just ruined Madhouse, thanks a lot. "

"Sorry…" he said, sadly. I kinda felt bad for being mean to him, I was probably his only friend anyway, but didn't say anything.

"it's a news article. What the fuck?!"

I looked at the screen, reading the article Matthew had sent me. It had a big picture of a guy being arrested, all naked and bloody, for cannibalism on bright daylight. It was from Atlanta, Matthew's city.

"Suspect arrested high on drugs, feasting on the victims' skin, munching on his leg… Matthew what the fuck, man?" I said, in disbelief.

"Keep reading."

"When approached by the police force… The suspect attacked the officers, biting off one officer's fingersSuspect didn't seem to react being tased, nor being shot with fake bullets either… Jesus Fuck, what is this guy?"

"They say it's bath salts or some shit like that, but I don't believe it." Matthew said, coming closer to his webcam and speaking more quietly. "You know what this is, right?"

"Matthew, you're full of shit. Don't tell me you actually believe that guy was a-" I started, before being cut-off by knocking on the door.

"Hey, Gi! Open up!" a voice said from outside my room. It was my sister, Agatha.

"Fuck off Agatha, I'm busy here! Are you blind or something? It says on the door 'Stay Away'!" I shouted back, angry.

My sister Agatha would always bother me, every day the same shit. "You need to get a job, Gi!", "You should come with us to this party, little brother"… Always trying to shove me in her "social group"… Oh yes, my sister was one of the "cool people", a bunch of idiots who do nothing but pretend they're the center of the world. I hate them, why can't Agatha understand this? I prefer to be alone for fuck's sake!

"Gi, please. Open the door, I need to talk to you." she insisted. "Come on don't be an ass, it's serious!"

"Fine." I sighed to myself. "I'll talk to you later, Matthew. My idiot sister wants to bother me again." I said, ending the video call and disconnecting myself from Skype. I walked to the door and unlocked it. "What the fuck do you want now, Agatha?"

My sister stood there, with her superior pose of "the perfect girl" and looked to me, seemingly in disgust. No wonder, my last shower was two days ago and it's hot as fuck, I'm sweating like a pig. Also I think I had some chips on my shirt, I don't remember.

"The civilization called, they want you to know that showers exist." she said.

"Well if you just want to tell me I'm filthy and stuff, I am deeply honored but I have better things to do." I said, closing the door on her face. She, however, held it before I could close it all the way and opened it again, entering my room with no ceremony and sitting on my bed.

"You know what day it is today, right?" she asked with a big grin. Agatha and big grins are something that if you see together, run for your life.

"I have no idea." I said, letting myself fall on my computer chair. I closed the article Matthew linked me and went back to Facebook. Some idiot sent me a Candy Crush invitation, so I unfriended him on the spot.

"Today is the day of the big rave on the Leblon, idiot!"

"Oh that stupid thing? So what? You don't expect me to go with you, do you?" I asked, disdaining the offer to socialize. Agatha opened an even bigger smile and nodded. "No."


"No, no, no, no, no."

"Yes, yes, yes, yes ,yes."

"No. Fuck that, Agatha. I'm not going to a disgusting party like that, full of ignorant little shits which only goals in their lives is to get wasted and fuck like wild rabbits until someone gets AIDS and they all die. Nuh-uh."

"Too bad. I already told Clara and Lucas you would be there. And I already got your ticket too!" she said, opening her purse and showing two bright red tickets. "You are going with me whether you like it or not. Now move your ass downstairs and go take a shower, you smell like a 200kg fat nerd."

"I fucking hate you, you know?" I said, grinding my teeth.

"I love you two, brother." she replied, blowing me a kiss and getting out of my room. "You have two hours to get yourself ready. Bye."

Agatha left my room and I stayed there, looking at my screen. Some idiot black kid with the stupidest sunglasses I've ever seen and with a ridiculous pink hair just posted, and I quote with all the spelling mistakes: "Tis gun be tha bezt parti evr!!!! - With Agatha Rocha and 40 other people".

"Fucking dumbass. But since I got no choice… Better get ready to party!!! Ugh…"

I turned off my PC and dragged myself to my closet. I grabbed the first shirt and pants I saw and an underwear and headed downstairs to the bathroom. Fucking party, I hate parties.


It was 7:20PM. I know because I had just checked my cellphone, when a guy called me asking for some "candy". I don't even remember the loser's name, I think it was Gabriel or some shit like that. I talked to him for a few seconds and guaranteed that I would give him his ecstasy on the party right when he arrived with his stupid friends.

I ended the call and dropped my cellphone and let myself fall on my bed again. Man, I was tired. My girlfriend slept over the night, and let's just say that the last thing we did was sleep. She was currently taking a shower on my bathroom, so I finally had some time to rest.

"Who was it, hon?" I heard Clara ask from the bathroom.

"The same as always, sweetheart. Some idiot wanting me to sell him some 'candy'." I replied, checking on my stash. I had enough drugs to sell to a battalion that night. I opened the biggest smile ever imagining people overusing this stuff and getting all fucked up. "Man you need to be really dumb to use these… I mean if it was just weed or coke I'd understand but they want all this hard-hitting stuff like crack, oxy… Bath salts… Man who wants to turn into fucking Hannibal Lecter just for the sake of feeling the trip?"

"Come on… Don't tell me you never had even one of these little things you sell?" Clara asked, getting out of the bathroom, covered only by a towel. Her beautiful blue eyes fixed on me, and her long blond hair covered by another towel. "If you just sell and not use… Then what's the point? Where is the fun in that?"

"I'm making some real money with this stuff, Clara. I don't want to put it all at risk because I got addicted to crack or some shit like that. That was how all the big guys fell. They stopped just selling and started using it. I'm not stupid."

"Oh no… It was never my intention to say you're stupid or something like that… You're smart, really smart. You did get the best girl after all, didn't you?" she said, walking seductively towards me. Her body was still warm from the hot shower and I could barely control myself.

"Hell yeah I did." I said. "Anyway, what about the rest of the gang? Agatha, Lilian, Pedro and all those other losers? They're in?"

"And do you think they'd lose THIS party? Of course they're in." Clara replied. "Though Agatha is bringing her brother with her."

"She's bringing Giovanni with her? Shit…" I said, surprised. That nutcase would never leave his room. I had known the Rochas for almost all my life, and I had never seen the brother with any girl, or friend for that matter. "I don't know why Agatha insists so much on bringing her brother to our world. The guy is an ass, he ruins every party he's in, and doesn't she realize that no one likes him?"

"I'm sure she knows that. Poor girl, is just trying to save her brother from the miserable life he's living." Clara said, sitting on my bed and putting a strong, red lipstick.

"Yeah but I'm not sure if the guy WANTS to be saved." I said, going to my room's window and taking a look at the street outside. A quiet and peaceful day, which in this neighborhood could only mean one thing: Everyone was doing the same as Clara and me, getting ready to party. And that meant cash for me.

"Well, that's their problem, not ours." she said, putting a hand on my shoulder. "So, what do you say we bang one last time before the big party?"

"AGAIN? Jesus Christ woman we already fucked like eight times today and you still want more? You're drying the river, girl!"

"Are you complaining?"

"Absolutely not. Come here." I said, grabbing her in my arms as we both jumped on the bed. She removed her towel while I took off my shirt and helped me take off my pants too. I reached for a drawer and grabbed a condom.


I don't know what time it was. I was in my poor home at the favela, already having dinner with my mom and dad and watching the news on our old TV, when I heard clapping outside my shack. I looked through the window and saw my friend Gabriel outside.

"Dad, it's Gabriel, can I go out there and talk to him, I already finished my food." I asked my dad, politely and respectful like I was always told to.

My dad looked at me for some moments before sighing and saying "Okay son, I'll take your plate to the sink." with a warm smile. I thanked him and rushed outside to meet my friend, running downstairs the fastest I could. He was waiting for me on the street, and we clapped hands immediately when I got there.

"'Sup Jheff?" he greeted me. "Yo, I got something for ya, you won't believe this, man."

"What?" I asked, curious.

"Yo, remember that party I told you some days ago? On the Leblon and shit, with all the rich assholes and those hot babes?" he asked.

"Yeah, yeah. I remember. What about it?"

"Guess who got two tickets to the party, and already called that guy with the good stuff? Huh?" Gabriel asked, really excited. I bet that if I could see through his shades, his eyes would be shining.

"Dude what the fuck, be quiet!" I told him. "If my father hears you talking about 'the good stuff', I'll get a beating so hard next time you'll see me I'll be white!"

"Sorry… But anyway, you in?" he asked me, excited as always.

"Hell yeah, nigga. You know me." I replied. "I just need to make up some bullshit so my dad lets me go."

"Nigga you're 16 I'm sure your dad already knows what you're doing when you go out with me. Just tell him the truth and you'll be fine."

"Do you think that'll work?" I asked him, afraid.

"Sure man, just go and do it. Come on." Gabriel said, smiling and backing me up. "Oh and do it fast because we have like 20 minutes 'til the last bus to the Leblon gets here."

"Shit, you're right." I let out.

I quickly ran upstairs again and asked my father permission to go. My mom didn't like the idea, but he was always happy to see me 'go outside and live my own life', on his own words. He said yes and gave me 150 bucks to pay the bus and buy some drinks.

I obviously didn't have time to take a shower anymore so I just opened a flask of cologne and put some in my neck and wrists. I saw that on a soap opera, the guy was all fancy and stuff, he didn't drop the cologne in, he just rubbed a little on those areas. Well, it did work for him so why the hell not?

I changed my clothes real fast and grabbed my cellphone and the money dad gave me. I rushed downstairs again to find Gabriel anxious. We were late, we needed to run to the bus stop not to lose it. Damn, I'm not that fast of a person but when he said the bus was almost there, I ran like never before. We caught the bus eventually, and headed towards that party which would be the biggest party of our lives.


I woke up at 6:30 PM, with my cellphone alarm ringing. Time to go to work. I sighed and got up slowly and tired, took a hot shower and headed downstairs. I heated up some old coffee and ate some bread with butter. I put my old but always clean suit and locked the door of my house.

I work as a bouncer on the night club that was going to have that big-ass party tonight. I absolutely HATE my job. Every night is the same, there is always a drunk motherfucker that causes problems, so I have to go and ask him to get out. It never works out that easily. One time this asshole broke a bottle of vodka on my head. Twenty two stitches on my head and two weeks without going to work. I never thanked him for that.

On the way to the club, I found some acquaintances, people I know from the streets… Here on Rio, it is like that. Especially on the neighborhood I live on. Everyone knows each other, and there is no problem as long as you know who you can and who you can't fuck around with.

I waved at least to fifteen people on the way to the club. Although not on my neighborhood, it's relatively close to my house so I can afford taking a walk to work. The walk is the best part of the job, trust me.

When I got to the club, my asshole boss already told me I was late and they were already opening up. I went outside the club's doors, checking everyone for their tickets and stuff. Boring, boring, boring.

So many people passed I couldn't take notice of who was who even if I cared enough to. A tall brown-haired guy with his hot blonde girlfriend… Had the smug look on his face, knows he's on top and wants to shove it in on other people's faces. Two teenagers, I think they're siblings, the girl was almost dragging the boy inside. He had something in common with me, he hated that place and I can tell by just looking at his face he didn't want to be there. And there were also those two black kids. Came running from the bus stop, laughing like that was the best thing ever. One of them had a stupid pink hair that I swear to God, if my son showed up at home with, I'd kick him out of the house.

The music started, horrible electronic music. I'd much rather listen to a good pagoda at the bar, drinking a cold beer than listen to that crap. But I had to, it was my job… People kept getting inside with happy looks, some assholes dissing me or making fun of my face… Bunch of idiots.

Secretly inside I was counting the seconds for something to go wrong so I could finally have something to do. But as of then, I'd just stick with collecting the tickets, looking at their stupid faces and saying…

"Thank you for your preference, have a great party."

To Be Continued

Cast Edit

(In Order of Physical Appearance)

Trivia Edit

  • First appearance of Giovanni Rocha.
  • First appearance of Agatha Rocha.
  • First appearance of Lucas Rodrigues.
  • First appearance of Clara de Souza.
  • First appearance of Marcos Andrade.
  • First appearance of Jhefferson da Silva.
  • First appearance of Gabriel.
  • First appearance of Jhefferson's parents.
  • First (and last) appearance of Matthew.
    • Matthew was only included on this episode to tie it in with the original series. I currently have no plans of ever showing him or anyone from the original again.
  • First mention of Lilian.
  • First mention of Pedro.

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