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Uma Nova Vida (literally A New Life in Portuguese), is TommieBoi's second story, and a Spin-Off to his first one. The story follows a group of teens on the beginning of a zombie apocalypse.

Plot Edit

Two siblings with an horrible relationship, a drug dealer and his girlfriend, two poor boys from the favelas and a middle-aged bouncer are all present, alongside many, many others, in the worst place to be in the start of a zombie apocalypse: A crowded place, more specifically, a rape party.

Setting Edit

The story is initially set on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Issues Edit

Cast Edit

To see the full character list, click here.

Trivia Edit

  • This Spin-Off differs drastically from the Original Series.
    • It doesn't have a set protagonist, instead focusing on various POV (Point-of-View) characters, on an ensemble cast.
    • It is written on First-Person POV instead of Third Person.
    • It is published on Issues divided by Volumes, instead of Episodes divided by Seasons.
    • Additionally, the setting is completely different, showing the apocalypse as it hit not only a different country (Brazil), but also a different continent (South America).

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