Welcome to the Fan Fiction Library's Tutorial Section!

Here we compile lists of helpful tips and tricks to help you out with your contributions to the site. These are split into two sections: Writing Tutorials and Editing Tutorials. If you want to apply to write tutorials, please apply for the Teacher Staff Position. Teachers are able to submit their own tutorials in the hope of improving the wiki.


Teachers are the users who help to write the tutorials. The current Teachers are:

  • Katie - (scheme co-founder) - Focus: Writing
  • Cam - (scheme co-founder) - Focus: Editing
  • Cal - (specially selected due to knowledge of literary techniques) - Focus: Writing
  • Alaska - (specially selected due to knowledge of literary techniques) - Focus: Writing
  • Juan - (selected due to knowledge of science-fiction and script writing) - Focus: Writing

Writing TutorialsEdit

Character and PlotEdit

Creating memorable characters

Prose TutorialsEdit

Literary techniques

Genre-Specific TutorialsEdit

Writing great science-fiction

Editing TutorialsEdit

Creating your story pages

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