by bloxxasour. 

darel and morls night in townEdit

darel say "morl we don eatin ber lets go get BOOZ"


in town, they see a bar

they go in bar

"hello" bartitder say

"ay nigger" morl say

daryl punch morl


"sore morl say sad

"it ok"


negan throw baseball bat thru window of bar and impale bar tendir

"oh no"

"daryl get reda"

negan jump through window take his bat and rap it in chains 

"2 chainz" negan say

"shit" morl say

pew pew pew pew pew pew daryl go with crossbow, he shoot negan arm


"oh duck you m8 time 2 go 2 virginia"


"YOUR MOMS VIRGINIA" negan say before leaving

daryl look angry with clenched fist 

"my mom n her virginia dead"

"it ok brudda"

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