by bloxas.


"hi im the science teacher" youjean say one day 

the students say nothing

"say goodmorning or u get hard math hw" 

they all say hi

later at lunch youjean talks to the other teachers

"hey roseita im the new teacher" yougene say 

"hola im roseta im the spanish tesher" rosita say

suddenly large man with red hair cum up and slap roheta vaginas makin her blush

"hey babuh" he say

"hi im yujen dont tuch her like that pls" yugean say

"she me lady lil boy im the jim teachur named abroham call me ayb" ayb say 

rosita touch ayb crotch makin yojon horny 

"aaaaaaahhhhhhh" someone say in the lunch room

"what the what" yojon say runnin out 

"heyo teashurs or shood i say teaLOSERS" a boy with a gun to a girls head on top of the tabel say 

"what are you doin dis for ken" yojon ask

"shut up im doin this cos mr ayb gave me an f in pe and i had 2 redo 12th grade" ken say

"is this true" rosita say

"yes" ayb say

yojon cri 

"im sorry" yojon say


suddenly corl grimz starts to cry 

yojon does a mega jump and takl ken and tak gun and shoot crotch

"AH YU SHOT ME DICK OFF" ken screm

"get out me sckool" yojon say  

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