by bloxxasourus.

governar and daughtor Edit

"dad" deanna say

"what" brian say

"what sex" deanna ask

"hahaha your at that age huh" governor say

"ok" deanna say

after a long talk, the governor is rubbing his eyepatch and brushing deanna hair

"and thats what a peni is" governor says

"dad im pregaant" deanna sa

"what the fudge whore" governor says

"dont be mad" deanna say

"who the father" governo ask

"shrek" deanna say

"dammit, shane..." brian say

"im sorry dad" deanna say

"it isnt ur fault daryl" goveror say

"what will you do" deanna say

"kill shane." governor say

"dont hurt him daddy i love him" deannt say

"ok" governor say

later that night when deana sleep the governor goes to polis station to talk two shay 

"you got me girl pregnant" governor says

"yes" shane says

"why" governor says

"she got the good pussy" shane say

"your just a bully" governor says punching shane

"ass-salt on polis ofisur, i could, neigh...I SHOULD have you arrestad" shane say

shane and governor go in the back room and make one would ever no..but them.

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