by bloxxasourus.

andrea defendEdit

"your honr" andreu say standing in front of tyres in cortroom

"yeah whats up" judge lroi grimes say

"tyrees not guilte he was framed" androa say 

"really" loro says

"yes" andrea

tyrees was crying 

"i cant go too jail" he say

"i object" hershal gren say

"what" andrea say

"this filthy n*g*ga belong in field, give him to me"

"ok" the jury say

"no!" andrea say

"what" lori grum say

"racism is bad"

"oh sorry" hershal gren say

"its ok tyrees say"

"this man is gultee" jury say

"screw this" tyreese say, jumpig out of window and running into a bomb shelter with sasha 

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