Volume One

Issue Three

Black and Scary

Adamman and Heligo Da Duck were flying through downtown Essex when they herd a loud noise.

"Da fook" said Riwee

"idk" said Adam

When they turned the corner they saw a big black scary black man throwing cars and shit everywhere,

"w8 m8. W8 M8. is dat Caulk?"

"Yep" said Riweeeee

They flu over towards him and Adam sed "Ey"

"Yo Adamsky" 

"Whats up"

"Dis nigga stole my chicken" Caulk pointed towards a guy that looked like a twat, he looked like a gay knight tbh,

"hoo dat" said riwwwwwe,

"I-G-G-Y" said Purry,

"ech" said Adam,

Purry walked away lol,

"It's Razor I think m9. Butt he calls himself RaThor"

"Thats dum" Riley sed,

"ikr" Caulk sed,

"w8 m8. W8 M8. whats ur superhero name?" Adum asked,

"The Culk" 


"Let me go talk 2 razor" said rily

"kkk" said the other 2

Riley flu over to RaThor and Razor started 2 laff.

"stop it" sed riley,



"oi. give culk his chicken black. i mean back"




RaThor gave the chicken back. Culk hugged him and slapped his bum.

"nice" said Adam,

Riley called Cum. heh cum. I mean Cam on his Nokia brick.

"Oi Cum, we found The Culk and RaThor" said Riley

"lol @ ther names" said Cam 


"KBAI" sed Cam

Riley and the others went back 2 the base. Culk was eatng his chicken while everyone else was being sick cuz of Adam's smell. top bance

bois that appearedEdit

Heligo The Duck


The Culk


Purry idk y

nd cams voice

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