Volume One

Issue One


CamTheWoot was sitting at home in his room. He was wearing his 'Jam Hot' T-Shirt and his shit beanie thing. He sipped his tea and streched his fingers.

"Let's see what the internet holds for me today" he said while typing 4chan into bing. pfft bing. wot a buckaroo.

Cam skimmed through te forums for a few hours until he saw a trailer for the newest Marvel film. Ant-Man. 

"Oh my god" Cam said. He dropped his mug of tea and it smashed.

"O noe"

After he cleaned it up he watched the trayler.

Cam logged into TWDW and went onto to chat. No one was on so he watched the traylor again.

5 hours passed. Cam looked back at the chat and saw like everyjuan there.

"AHOY" he typed,

"Yo" said his best friend, right hand man er woman, kt.

"Sup camsky" said a dark figure. Out of the shadows came. heh came. came caulk. the token black character. No one else spoke because Klee was in an arguement with our neigbour nazi. Jane.

"Negan smells and I don't like his hair" Jane said,

"[Insert arguement here]" said Klee,

"You're a buckaroooooooo00oo"

"K" said Klee as she used her banhammer,

"top bance" said AdamTheMop, the kid who has been there like 2 days,

"Guys I just saw the Ant Man trailer" Cam said proudly,

"We saw it like last year m8. l8" said a smelly kunt called pig, more like stig,

":(" Cam typed and left the chat.

Cam was walking down a street infested by the dead and he saw a machine with a weird man inside, the man who was actually the robot voodoo future predict thing from the Tom Wanks film Big,

"Ahoy" Cam said,

"Enter a squid m8" said the machine,

Cam entered a british pound into the machine and the machine said: "What do you want?"

"I wanna be big"

"Wrong story dumshit"

"I wanna be a superhero and protect wikia and stuff" Cam said,

"kkk" said the machine. It waved its arms around for 15 mins and then said "It is done"

"Wait, don't I get to say what my power is?"


"I wanna be Ant-Man"

"You can't"


"cuz plot"

"k den I wanna be Wolverine. Or as I will be known: Wooterine. Get it?"


It waved its arms around etc. and then Cam became WOOTERINE.



Cam had steel sticking out of his hands, bit werid, he is also immortal. He sipped his tea and walked away.


Niggerinos that appearedEdit

CamTheWoot aka WOOTERINE

Members of TWDW

The future predict thingy

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