"hey lee YOU DECIDE WHO EETS!!!" lilly goes to bakpak and gives lee some food


"dam dat chik needs some penis" lee say winking

lee go araound and wonder who to give the sweet sweet kfc to

"ill give sum 2 lilly" he say boner peekin up

"hey lilly<33" lee say waving the kfc

"gimme sum o dat" lilly say grabbin da chiken

"jeez k" lee give up the food and lilly eat

"r we still fookin?" lee ask wif big eyes

"k onlee since u giv me food meet me behind RV" lilly winks

lee looks at clementoni and cries a little

"here take sum" lee gives to clement

"fanks papa"



lee go to mark

"yo mark ure cool mang have some kay-eff-cee" mark takes the chican

"thanks broski" mark eats

"HEEEY WHAT HAPPENED 2 MYYYYY FOOOD??!!!" larry is pissed and shit

"not enoff" lee say crossing arms

"lee... i thort we had somethin....." kenny was sadly

"shiiet sorry negro" lee sweats

"its ok... i geuss..""

"LEE KENNY CUM HERE" katjaa point at mans penis

"dafoq is going on here"

"he lost 2 much blood"

"GERN DERSH!!!!" kenny threw wrench in wheel

"its k he's just" kastjaa got grabbed by undead zombie

dugg comes and tries to be hero by flabbing the zombi in the fays wif plank but lol it doesnt work

"NOIOOooOOo" LEE HELP jatjaa and zombie gets cut in head by axe

"WHAT DA FACK WAS THAT" larry say angry

"its ok lee i gotcho back yo" mark say like a badass

"m8 u didnt even help"


alarm system of nerd go off

"dahell is dis shit" guy say

"HOWDY NIGG3RS" two farm boys say in da distance

00 spooky?

to be continu

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