"we have to kill me" irene sais

irene takes gun and BAM ded

"lets go" they drive away in pizza car

they arrive bak at drugstor and no one cared that glenn was back lol

"youre BACK" clementoni said huggen lee

"hey sweat pee"

"hey lee wanna go outside take a look" dugg sais

"no im not suicidal you faggot" lee angryly said

"NO were inside gate were fiiine"


they walk out to gate

they look around lee uses axe on gate and bla blablaBLA

"dat guy... familar fays... he has key???" lee sai

"yea shore"

lee break lock and make noise but no zimbabows notice and go to brofer

"sorry bro" he hack the brother manyt times but not die then he die

lee wave with keys "I GOT EM"!

"LOOK OUT!" dugg said, spooked

the zombabys started walking slowly AFTER dugg said it so stupid

"waaah" THEY RUN

they go inside, all good

"i got keys lets roll" lee say

"OMG URE AMAZIN" lilly gives lee a quickie inside the office then go into pharmacy, alarm goes off


smobys starts to attack store and its super spooky people fite and stuff and lee, dugg and carley hold door.

"lee, if we don't make it truu dis, u shud no.. i fink ure a good gay i mean guy" lee smile

"DUGG IF WE DONT MAKE IT TRHU DIS U SHUD NO..." she got interrupt by boombies attacking

dugg go to defend window, carley defend other then CHOICE!!!! hoo wil serfife?

Save Dugg or Carley?

The poll was created at 19:04 on October 24, 2014, and so far 10 people voted.


Lee go to save dugg, and carley gets eaten, shit no pussie for him

"DEY GOTT CARLI!!" dugg ran like a bitch


clementoni gets attacka and lee saves her and she run

"URE NOT CUMMIN WIF US U SON OF A BIFF!!!!!!!!" larry punch lee and he pass out.

zombitch crawl next to lee and the head gets chopp

"IM NOT LEEFIN ANY1 BEHIND... especially a GOOD friend ;)" kenny say, taking lees hand

they arrive at moter inn for refuge, and lee talk to people, theyre sad and stuff

"carley liked u lol" lee trolls dugg and leaves him cryin

he go to larry

"STAY AWAY FROM ME DAUGHTER OR ILL KISS UR PRETTY BLACK ASS!!" larry say wanking i mean winking

lee notice glenn "i gotta find my asien boys"

"ok" lee say brofisting glenn and he drive away bye glenny

"dis mite work guys" lilly say and lights turn off DUNDUNDUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNN

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