RECAP: hershey was cryin over his sons bodie

"they... killed.... my son...."

Lee and pipoles in car arrived in macen wif a farmacye

"Well dis is as far as we goin ;)" Kenny touches lee's leg

"ITS FAR ENOUGH" lee got the fuck out of the car

duck pointed at a wolker eating a body

"LOOK!!!!" he screamed like a retard

"HEY PAL WE NEED GAS 4 CAR" kenny waved

rawwrrr gooaahhhh grunt grunt

o noo

zombaus started sorrounding groop


DUCK got taken down by a samboa but it waited 5 minutes before biting


someby got shot in the head by a hot generic apocalypse chick

"GET IN" an asian boi said

everyone ran inside and short round locked the gates wif a spooked face

"WAT DA FAK y are u brining new people in?????" another lady said

"SHOT DA FOK OP LADY!!" lee said angry

"dont u tell me to shop da fok op nigr"

"ooOOOoo ma gat" the asian boy said waving his arms frantically in the background

"u stupid moderfaker he got bitten!!!!!!!!!" an fat old man shouted

"hes NOT bitteN!" keeny said angry getting close to old man face

"and if he is the first thang hell so is sink his teef into his mams face then therell be TWO"

"HES NOT BETTEN!!! lee bak me up"

"we kik his asshole" lee said like a badass

kenny blushed

"lee i have to pee out of my cont" clementoni said

"JUST GO" clementoni ran like fuck to toilet

"u lil shit nigr and ur homo parade" old man said

"XD" lady said


clementoni was atacked by zombie

"CLEMTONI!!!" lee slipped and died but woke up and zomb got shot by hot woman

"are u ok???" she said biting her lips

"ye im kool"

farmekcy got atacked by walkers but got distracted by shoting


"fank god for whateva it es" asian man said

"THAT WAS STUPID THAT WAS OOOOHHH" and old man died maybe????

"NOO he needs pills"

"UHHH......NITROGLYCETITS PILLS????" katjaa finally said

"yes we try to get into farmacy sinse we gott hear" lady says

kenny stood up and grunted

"okay nerdboy and hot chick got the doors"

"okay im carley" "AND IM DUGG"


to be cunt inud


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