REPEPPERONI "da locker is lock we gotta get inside" verni say

"imma look around" lee looks around for a while and finds a VHS tape

"lets watch pewdiepie" lee puts it in and they get ready for story time

"hows it going bors its LOOOOOOOOGANPIE and welcome tooooooooooooooooooooooooo PREGNANSY WIF LOGANPIEEE"

"wat r u doing" anna coria asked

"shut up WOMAN HEUUEHUEUHEUHE" loganpie said tryin 2 be funny

"im preggers do u fink crawford will b mad"

"YA HAHAHAHAH" loganpuie say

"anna coria cry and stab loganpie to his def"

film ends

christa cryes

"sorry dat was... hard to watch..."

"look i know pewdiepie sucks but do you have to fucking cry you shit" vero say

"i think we know what happened here" lee say



"anyway we gotta find the rest of movie w8 here"

lee baktrak to the ded body which has crwl back and stomp the head

"u dont deserve many subscriobers..." lee whisper and take a code in his pocket

lee go back and find a movie in a locker

"wb" vernon say

"ty" lee put the movie in and they zoom in on the code and vernon open locker

"k i got the medicine LETS MOOF" vernon and christa run away

lee put the final video in

"HARDER" molly scream

"WTF" lee shout but gets used to it and decides to wank...ING DEAF

"o man that was good sex, can i have diabetus medicine now" molly ask loganpie

"NO! HAHAHA BARRELLS!!!!" loganpie laugh

"dats 4 my sister"

"I DONT CAAAARE" loganpie screem like pewdiepie

the movie finish

"well damn" lee gos outside and molly pop up

"what was on that movie" lee ask

"wat.jpg" molly say





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