REBOTTLECAP: the voice is super creepy... sounds kind of like... chet? but kind of not

"can't w8 for u to get 2 savanah clemetoni... i got ur parents RITE HERE!!! and u better cum even if lee dont want u 2 now what i need" the voice stops

"da fug" kenny say


lee, kenny, clementoni, not funny guy... um.. OMID!, christa ben and CHOORLS are swaging down the streets of the savannah

"can i has walker talker" clementoni ask

"NO" lee say angry

"ure meen"


they keep walking

omid's ballsak hurts after the fall

"wee need 2 stop" christa say

"no" kenny say

"HE NEEDS TO STOP!!!" christa repeats

"IM FINDIN A BOAT" kenny rage


"if i were u... i'd stay off the streets... or else you're gonna be in a- sniyotch" the radio suddenly say

"HELLO" lee screem

it doesnt answer

a bell tower start to ring and lee see ezio audio on the roof

"AC UNITY" lee shout

"wart" kenny say

"a guy on the roof were ringin da bellz"

Chuck turns around

"ask not for who da bell tolls............." he say super creepi

"da pepperoni are u talking about?" kenny say

"it tolls for ME"

zombis starts walking

"SHIIET" the start to run

kenny get grabed by walker

"hEALLP" lee shoot the walker

"thanks lovely" kenny blush

"BEN HALP" clem yel she is traped with ben in a rap ring with zombis

ben shakes his hed and gets da fug out

"WTF" lee shoots the zombis

a bomdi almost killed clementoni but chuk gets a shovel and kill it

"GO ILL BE FINE!!!!!!!!!! (or not)" they run and chuck get surround

they meet in a yard to house

"WHERS CHARLS" christa say

"...idk :0"

to be cheese

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