RECAPS: "hey clement are u home were in trubble DD:" o no

"DADE" he heard from drawer :0" very spook

"helo??" lee said to the wankie tankie

"im clementoni this is my pepperoni kingdom"

"cool im lee, im a teacher i teach history, maf, english-"

"watssh out a somalian behind u" clementoni screamed from the treehoaus as lee fell and his his head

rawr the ebolainfected screamed and lee got up and did a kickk  in the head

"hheeaarrrr!"!!!"! clemont asked wif a hammer

lee took the hammer and smacked the simba

"did u kill et????"

"yes lol theres blod r u stopode"

"ok cool nite or day fall"

"its not safe 2 go at nite we have to go day"

"okay come on"

lee and clempie ran over to the gate where some guys were pushing a car

"get out me car" u cud here in the distance

"hey im not an introoder i mean walkier" lee yelled waving arms

"HOLY SHIT DONT EET US!!!!" chet aka riley shouted hard

"its ok chetsy im shawn. t-sha- i mean shawn greene" the boy said

"im lee this is... a baebisitter" 

"ok lets get u and ur douter outa here!!! da unded is coming!!!" shawn, lee and clemoi started pushing the car, chet was sitting and taking a dump cuz he is useless

"lets goooOOOOoooO" they all ran to a trukk and drove

"4 A BABYSITTER U NEED EKSTRA PAY XDDD" shawn made a bad joke and no one lafd

they all drove into the sunset on the way to shawn's dad farm

to be cuntinued


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