"WELL I RECKON YOU DIDNT DO IT THEN" the old cop suddenly screamed making lee leak a little

"no i didnt" lee said angrylilly

"IVE DRIVEN A BUNSHA FELLAZ DOWN DESE STREETS" the cop shouted like a gansgta

this convo takes hours so lets skip 2 da good part

"look out" lee said even though it doesnt matter


aaarrrgghhh oooucchh

lee wakes up and walks around like a retard

"hey officer are u ded ARE U DED!!"

the officer didnt answer


lee walks over to the cop and touch his bum

"i broke up wif ma ex gurl... heres her numba... SYKE DATS DA RONG NUMBA!!" lee distracted the ded cop and took his keys but lost them opse

"o shit is he wake??" lee put his black finger up the cops nose making him attack

"o shiiieeet" lee fell and got the shotgun conveniently placed by the car

lee tried to pik up the shotgun shell but failed and pickde it up again

"prepare 2 get rekt" lee braced his anus and shot the shotgun and the cop ded

"cool" lee and humped over a fence wif scaree zombis behind him

he saw teacup

"id lyke som boborn wif dat"

lee went inside hosue

"anyone home im not indrooda :)" he heard a mesage on fone

"hey clement are u home were in trubble DD:" o no

"DADE" he heard from drawer :0

to be cuntinued

EXTRA:!!! did u find the easter egg???? its a wolking dead characer XDD

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