by bloxxasourno.

gareth and the big scoreEdit

garet is swimming in motel pool whel his mom married is cleaning room becuz she is maid

"garesh you fatass help me clean up the room in har" marie say

"no mom im a profeshinal swimmer" gared say from the swimming pool

then negan marrieds boyfriend cum to the room marri cleaning

"hey babe" negan say

"..hi honie" mari say "how was work at the train station called TERMINUS????/" 

"good now i am horny leme see that titez negun say

"im workin sorry hun" maree say

"two bad bech" nigon say pushin her into a room and slams door

"dolfin JUMP" gary say jumpig outta the water and over the fence of the pool to da room negan and more r in

garef goes to negins motorcykl and take out baseball bat and go to da door and beat it down

maree is gettin raypd bi negan and garef nock him out with baseball bat 

"ow my dick" negan say

"cover up your pusie" garef say

"ok" mare ask

after maries pussy is covered up they go away to a better place. to terminus

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