by bloxxasourus.

issue 1: rick's first arrestEdit

New cop rick grimes decided to get water from local gas station one day. 

"bye shane" rick said

"ok" shane says back

rick gets in squad car and drives off to the gas station. 

"hi officer rick" man behind gas station says

"howdy, how you doin?" rick ask man behind gas station



rick goes to the very back of the store to look at water

"too expensive lori doesn't like it when i spend money" ick says angrilly to himself

suddenly, a large black man wearing a mask comes in with a gun 

"gimme all your money he says

"o-ok" the cashier says, handding him 50 BUCK 

"dont you take that money" rick say, holding colt python

"yo n*g*a wat you sayin?" blac man points gun at rick 

boom! rick shoot bullet into black man leg, dropping gun, mask and money

rick walk up to black man

"tyrees? rick ask

"yes, dont tell sasha pls"

"ok lets get u to the hopsitla then to jail for 2 years"


the end 

for nw.

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