the Walking Dead: Origins of secrets is a series by bloxx. Edit

Main charactersEdit

  1. Rick grrrr


seasan juan

1: ricks first arrest

2: sasha gets wet

3: morl and darul fight the bear

4: andrea defends

5: bobs drink

6: governar and daughtor

seasoon too

1: darel and morls night in town

2: teachers

3: are you my mummy

4: gareth and the big score

5: mueltun n frienz

6: morgon does 15 yers

season tree

Season Three of FFL's The Walking Dead: Secret Origins will begin on October 11, 2015, written by Bloxxasourus and produced by DominicT22.

Trivia Edit

the series is canon to the luther by BBC and the walking dead amc

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