“You?!” I asked.

“I should be asking you the same thing.” Lisa responded.

“Wait you two know each other?” Louis asked.

“Sadly we do.” Sarah said through tears pointing her handgun at Lisa.

“She was part of that guy’s original gang.” I said to Louis pointing at Jessie’s corpse.

“I left his gang Anthony.” Lisa said.

“I know you did, that doesn’t change the fact you or one of your friends murdered our friend.” I say.

“Who? You mean Nathan? I didn’t kill him, hell I was the only one who didn’t want to kill you guys, but Jessie forced us to.” Lisa says.

“Let’s all calm down.” Said Allen attempting to prevent more death.

“Guys, we have a problem!” Paul warned. “Look at the forest.”

We turned and saw a herd of Leapers slowly making their way towards us, drawn by the sounds of gunfire from the battle.

“Shit, everyone get in the truck!” Allen ordered, pointing at Jessie’s new gang’s truck. Paul took the wheel with Sarah in the passenger seat. Allen sat in the seat behind Sarah and Louis hopped in the back seat, I took the seat behind Paul. I noticed then Lisa was attempting to hop in, I stopped her.

“The hell do you think you’re doing?” I ask.

“I’m NOT getting eaten alive today Anthony, whether you like it or not I’m coming with you.” Lisa said pushing past me.

“Like hell you-“ I began.

“Anthony for fuck sakes let her in so we don’t get eaten alive.” Paul said.

Without a word I shut the truck door and we quickly drive away from the approaching herd heading towards the road.

About an hour passed before anyone said anything, we were all just shocked about what had just happened. It was Allen who broke the silence.

“So…Lisa is it? We’ll drop you off at the nearest town.” Allen said.

“Like hell you are, I’m not staying by myself again. In this world you need a group.” Lisa said.

“Who the hell said we’d let you our group?” I asked.

“I didn’t WANT to kill anyone Anthony. I’m NOT like Jessie. When I saw Jessie kill his little brother something in me snapped and I couldn’t take it anymore. I’m not a violent person but I will fight when I feel it’s necessary.” Lisa said.

“Anthony, we can’t just leave someone behind it’s not right.” Allen said.

“Allen are you fucking with me? You’re the one who had the idea of leaving Logan and Sarah with Daryl’s group!” I snapped.

Allen was silent.

“That’s what I thought.” I said. “Lisa you can join us BUT if you so much as hurt any of us. You will die.”

“Thank you Anthony, thank you.” Lisa said.

As we drove we filled Lisa in on what had happened to us and where we were heading. She thought we were crazy but it didn’t matter. She was with us. We eventually made it to where Allen said was the last known operational U.S military base besides the now infested Plum Island. This is where we’d get answers and hopefully a cure. We got out of the car and walked around.

“Well? Where’s the base?” Louis asked.

“I don’t get it. It should be right here!” Allen said.

I begin to walk around until I step on something metal. I look down and see a worn out sign saying “Ar____51.” I couldn’t see the rest of the word because of the sand and dirt.

“Was Eddie…just insane?” Sarah asked.

“No he wasn’t! He was telling the truth! He had to have been! It was our only chance of ending this!” Allen said.

“Allen it’s probably somewhere close don’t worry.” Louis said.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah that’s exactly what they did! They just took an entire fucking military compound during an apocalypse and put it in another fucking location!” Allen yelled.

“Allen chill the fuck out!” I said.

“No I won’t! This was our only fucking hope!” Allen yelled.

“Allen please sto-“ Sarah began before being hit in the neck with a tranquilizer. She fell on the ground unconscious.

“What the hell?” Lisa asked before getting hit with one.

“Who the hell is shooting at us?” Louis said as he ran for cover behind the truck. He didn’t get far.

Allen and I put our hands in the air.

Suddenly two figures appeared from behind a rock covered in some sort of military hazmat suits.

“My name is Doctor Allen Michael, I worked for the military. I led a group here after Plum Island was compromised.” Allen said attempting to talk to the figures.

The figures began to whisper to each other, after about a minute of whispering the figure on the right shot Allen in the chest with a tranquilizer.

“Wait, you don’t need to-“ I began before I was hit with a tranquilizer. The last thing I saw before I blacked out was the figure on the left grabbing a walkie talkie from his side pocket and said into it.

“This is Cpt. Santos, we have survivors. One of them seems to have worked at Plum Island, we’re bringing them to the compound now.”


Anthony Ward

Sarah Myers

Doctor Allen Micheal




Jessie (Corpse)

Cpt. Santos

Unknown Figure 2

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