“Where are our guns?” I ask Daryl.

“Louis get them their weapons!” Daryl orders.

Louis opens a cabinet on the other side of the room and hands us our weapons.

Daryl peeks out the window, “there’s about 6 guys out there with guns…wait there’s a girl.”

I Peek out the window and spot the woman, it was Sydney.

“It’s Sydney.” I announced to Allen and Paul.

“Jesus Christ are all your old friends visiting today?” Daryl asks.


“Jessie!” Randy yells as he rushes to my side.

I’m lying on the ground, a bullet somewhere in my shoulder.

“Shit you’re hit pretty bad, that shot nearly took off your arm.” Randy says.

He’s applying pressure to my wound when I grab his arm with my good arm.

“Burn down the cabin…” I order before I begin to black out due to blood loss. The last thing I see before I black out is Joey pouring gasoline on the side of the cabin.


“They’re pouring gasoline damn’t!” Louis yells. “They’re going to burn us out!”

Daryl gets up and aims his rifle out the window.

“The fuck they are.” Daryl says as he fires his rifle into the head of the guy pouring gasoline.

Suddenly a shot is fired and it hits Daryl in the head, instantly killing him.

“Daryl!” Louis yells as he runs over to his corpse.

“I grab my rifle and take aim at the person who fired the shot. As I’m about to pull the trigger I stop and I realize who shot Daryl.


My captives won’t keep me here….no…no…no…no they won’t. I look over to my left and see the one they called Jimmy firing his rifle at the cabin and suddenly I have the urge to kill…murder...end the life of another human being. I grab a medium sized stone off the ground and leap onto Jimmy.

“Ah what the fuck?” He screams as I grab him.

I raise the stone and begin to smash his skull in, it takes about ten hits until he’s dead. I grab his rifle and turn to the wooden house they were shooting at. I take aim with the rifle and fire at the person at the window, I don’t care who he is, I just want to kill and kill and kill and kill and kill! Then I notice some guy running up to the clear liquid on the ground and throwing what seemed to be a match.

Anthony Edit

It was Sydney, she sees me. I duck as a bullet barely misses me. I soon see smoke which only means….

“Shit! Fire! Everyone get out!” I yell.

Louis, Paul and Allen begin to run out but I stop Allen.

“We need to grab Logan!” I yell.

“Fuck that, he’ll slow us down!” Allen says.

“I’m not leaving him to burn to death, now please help me!” I said.

He looks at me for a second then runs out of the house. Fucking basterd.

I rush into the room where Logan lays and spot Sarah by his side crying.

“Sarah I need you to help me lift him.” I say.

She nods and attempts to grab him when Logan stops us.

“ the time you guys get me to the living room the fire will already be there….go” Logan says.

“Logan I’m not leaving you to burn to death, now let’s go!” I say as we try to get him up.

“Sarah, I’m sorry baby….but you need to leave.” Logan begs.

“No, no, no, no, no, no I’m not leaving you.” Sarah begs.

“Sarah….survive this please, survive this and get the cure….for William.” Logan begs.

Sarah kisses the top of his head, “Okay….I’ll go.” Sarah cries.

“Logan I…..I’m sorry.” I say.

“I know…I know…” Logan responds smiling.

I shake his hand leave the room without turning back, too saddened to look at him.

Sarah and I make it out of the cabin just in time before the flames consume the place. I’m greeted by Paul.

“You need to see this.” He says.


I slowly walk to the body of my brother Jessie, he’s awake.

“Sydney?” He asks.

I put my hand over his mouth.

“Sssshhh, it’ll be over soon.” I say with a smile. With my other hand I grab Jessie’s knife and begin to cut out his throat, He Struggles before finally he stops moving. I take the bloody knife and stab him in the head making sure he won’t come back; there was only one person to kill now. I take the knife and plunge it into my stomach.


We walk over and find the corpse of Jessie who had been murdered and the corpse of Sydney who had committed suicide.

“Jesus Christ…” I say, I notice Louis isn’t here. “Where’s Louis?” I ask.

“He went to find that Kevin guy, you know the guy that shot Jessie.” Paul says then notices Logan missing. “Where’s Logan?”

Sarah begins to sob and I look down at my feet.

“Oh..I’m sorry.” Paul says sadden by the loss.

We the click of a gun.

“Stand the fuck down!” The last of Jessie’s gang says.

“What’s your name?” I ask.

He’s confused why I’d ask that. “My name is Randy.” He finally answers.

“I’ll tell you what Randy you leave right now and you can live, if you don’t you will die. What’s it going to be?” I ask as Allen, Paul and I point our guns at him.

“I…” Randy begins before a shot is heard and he falls to the ground dead. He’d been shot in the head.

We turn around and find Louis standing there with a familiar face next to him.

It was the blonde girl that was part of Jessie’s original gang, Lisa.


Anthony Ward

Logan Myers


Sarah Myers

Doctor Allen Micheal










Logan Myers








  • This Issue has the most character POV's in a single issue
  • This issue has the most deaths of Volume 4
  • Lisa returns after being absent for 6 Issues
  • This marks the death of Logan Myers, Jessie, and Jimmy, now Anthony, Lisa and Sarah are the only Washington D.C survivors left alive
  • Paul was originally supposed to die this issue. He would have been shot by Randy.

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