“Sarah hasn’t left Logan’s bedside and it’s been four days. Anthony, we need to go.” Allen says.

We’re sitting on the steps of Daryl’s cabin looking at the ruins of a military jet that crashed here according to Daryl.

“I know we do Allen but like you said, Logan will have to be left behind.” I say with a sigh.

“I understand it’s tough but we need to do this, hell if we can get to the complex where they were testing Project Manhattan we can possibly find a cure. I mean it’s the most top secret government facility in the U.S, They must have a cure. They have the best doctors and scientists.” Allen responds.

I stand up.

“Alright let’s do it.” I said.

Allen gets up and we walk inside. Paul and Louis are sitting on the couch talking about hunting or some crap. He sees me and I motion him to come over here.

“What’s up?” Paul says.

“Follow me.” I say as I lead us into Logan’s room.

“There you guys are, I was starting to wonder if Daryl and his gang are cannibals and ate you.” Logan says laughing at his terrible joke.

“Logan…we’re leaving.” I state.

Logan goes quiet.

“What do you mean you’re leaving?” He asks.

“Allen and I are leaving to Nevada to find a cure, and I’m afraid you can’t come with us.” I say with a sigh.

“Well, sure I can come.” Logan says.

“Logan, you’ve lost a lot of blood and you can’t walk. Now that we don’t have weapons or a vehicle you will slow us down.” Allen says.

“Logan, can come with us, he can I promise!” Sarah yells.

“Logan….I’m so very sorry, we’ll see if we can get Dar..” I start.

“Anthony.....I could have told Sarah, Jimmy, Eddie and Nathan to kill Linda and you…but I didn’t, I took you two in our group and spared your lives and THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY ME??” Logan cuts me off.

I’m silent.

“Logan I…” I begin.

“Fuck off Anthony, go to fucking hell!” Logan yells.

Allen, Paul and I leave the room.

“Paul are you coming with us?” I ask.

Paul’s quiet.

“Paul?” I ask.

“Yes…” Paul answers. “When do we leave.”

“Tomorrow morning.” Allen says.

I hear footsteps and turn around to see Daryl walking over.

“I couldn’t help but notice you guys are leaving.” Daryl says.

“Well…some of us are, Logan and I presume Sarah will have to stay here.” I answer.

“Who says they can?” Daryl asks. “We agreed on you guys staying here for six days. After six days I’m kicking the two of them out.”

“Hang on Daryl, I’m sure we can..” Louis begins, still sitting on the couch.

“Shut up Louis.” Daryl orders.

“Daryl, are you really going to throw them out? Throw a one footed man out with his wife out into the wilderness with those things?” I ask.

“Yes, I will. I will keep my group alive, healthy and fed at the cost of two lives. I am not feeding two more people.” He responds.

“You’re an asshole Daryl.” I respond.

Louis stands up ready for a fight.

“Excuse me, you waste of life. What did you call me?” Daryl asks.

“I said, You’re an ass..” I begin.

BANG! A shot echoes near the cabin.

The five of us run outside and see what could possibly the worst thing I’ve ever seen.

“Well…well…well, what do we have here?” Jessie says with a smile.

“Jessie!? How’d you know we were here? More importantly how are you alive?” I ask.

Jessie points to a dead body on the ground.

“You’re friend here…uh what was his name?” Jessie asks Jimmy.

“Abe.” Jimmy responds, loading bullets into his shotgun.

“You fuckers killed Abe?” Daryl yells.

“Yeah we did, now Mr. Redneck hand that little group you have stored in your dumbass cab..” Jessie begins.

Another shot is heard and a bullet hits Jessie in the shoulder.

“Ah, Fuck!” He yells as he falls to the ground.

We rush back inside only to hear gunfire.

“Who shot Jessie?” I ask.

“Must have been Kevin coming back from his daily hunt.” Daryl responds.

We were now trapped in a small ass cabin with dangerous psychos with guns surrounding the place. Shit couldn’t get better.


Anthony Ward

Logan Myers


Sarah Myers

Doctor Allen Micheal





Abe (Corpse Only)



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