“What’s the deal?” I ask impatiently.

“We’ll bring you and your friends back to our cabin and fix your friend up for weapons.”

“Weapons?” Sarah asks.

“Yes, we’re running low on ammo.” The person next to Daryl states.

“I accept the deal.” I announce.

“Good. Louis, Abe, grab him.” Daryl orders.

Louis and Abe run up to Logan’s body and begin to carry him.

“We need to get to the cabin quickly; those gunshots probably alerted some walkers.” Louis says.

“Alright, let’s move!” Daryl orders.

About two hours later we’re sitting in Daryl’s group’s cabin. Paul and I are sitting on a couch that shows signs of old age. Sarah is pacing back and forth while Daryl, Allen, Louis and some other guy are in a room next to us trying to fix up Logan.

“Are we really giving them our weapons?” Paul asks.

“We have to Paul.” I answer.

“How will we defend ourselves then?” He asks.

“We’ll figure it out.” I respond.

Allen walks out of the room with a grin on his face.

“He’ll make it.” He announces.

Sarah rushes over to Allen and hugs him.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” She sobs.

“My pleasure.” Allen says recovering from the hug. He turns his head towards me.

“We need to talk.” He says.

I get off the couch and follow Allen into another room.

“What is it?” I ask.

“Logan will make it…but…” Allen begins.

“But what?” I ask.

“How will we get him to Nevada?” Allen asks.

“We can get him crutches?” I ask.

“We’ll have to walk a long way to find a vehicle that can still drive, not to mention now that we have no weapons, what will happen if leapers catch us? We won’t be able to fight back and Logan…well Logan couldn’t even fight with a weapon.” Allen says.

“Um…a wheelchair?” I ask.

“Logan has lost a lot of blood, he won’t have enough energy to wheel himself around.” Allen says.

I can’t think of anymore ideas.

“Anthony, I know this might be hard to do but….we might need to leave him here.” Allen says.

“We barely know these people! We can’t leave our friend with a bunch of strangers. These guys could be fucking cannibals for god sakes.” I reason.

“Do you have a better option?” Allen asks.

“*sigh*…I don’t” I give up.

“Anthony I don’t want to leave him here either but we must in order to get to Nevada.” Allen says.

“What will Sarah say?” I ask.

“I don’t know…All I know is that if Logan stays here, Sarah will defiantly stay behind with him.” Allen says.

“Should we tell Daryl about Nevada and the whole immune Eddie shit.” I ask.

“I honestly have no idea.” Allen says.

We walk out of the room and are met with Daryl, Abe and the other guy who went in to fix Logan.

“Logan’s awake.” Abe says.

Allen and I rush over to Logan’s room and find Sarah and Paul had beaten us there.

“Ugh….are we dead?” Logan asks looking around the room. “Because if this is heaven...then heaven is pretty ugly.”

“Logan, we had to cut off your foot to prevent you from turning.” Sarah says.

“What?” Logan asks as he pulls the covers up to see the wound.

“Shit…” He exclaims.

“Don’t worry though, if you were going to turn you’d turned already. So the amputation worked.” Allen says.

“Where are we though?” Logan asks.

“We’re in a cabin with a group that found us. We had to give them our weapons in exchange to help you.” I said.

“You did what?” Logan asks.

“We had to give them our weap-…” I begin.

“You gave them our weapons for exchange to help me? Anthony you guys should have let me die, then we wouldn’t be defenseless now. Not to mention how will we get to Nevada now? I’ll just slow you guys down.” Logan argues.

“Logan, we weren’t about to let you die.” Paul says.

“No shit, but it’d be better off that way.” Logan responds.

“We fucking saved you and you’re telling us that we should have left you to die? You ungrateful asshole!” Allen says storming out the room.

“Logan, don’t worry we’ll get through this, we always have and always will.” Sarah says. “Right Anthony?”

I look down and respond.

“Yeah…everything will work out.”


“We better be fucking close to those cocksuckers.” Lucas says.

“Relax Lucas,” Jimmy responds.

“Fuck that shit, I want these basterds dead!” Lucas says.

“Jesus dude, I was Johnny’s best friend and you don’t see me screaming like this.” Randy says.

We were driving a van that Randy had found, and I couldn’t stand to hear Lucas talk anymore. I push on the break and get out of the car.

“Lucas get the fuck out here now!” I order.

“Fuck you, you aren’t in charge, Randy is.” Lucas yells.

“Lucas just fucking get out of the van.” Randy says.

“Jessie…please don’t do what I think you’re going to do.” Sydney begs.

“Shut up skank!” Joey yells, Joey was Joe’s older brother.

Lucas swears and hops out of the van.

“What is it you fucking cun..” he begins before I fire two rounds into his chest.

“Finally” I say as I hop back in the van leaving everyone speechless as we leave Lucas’s dead corpse.

I noticed that for some reason I was becoming very angry and even Jimmy had said to me that I was out of control half the time. I almost murder the kid right there and then. As we were driving we passed something that seemed familiar.

An Ambulance.


Anthony Ward

Logan Myers


Sarah Myers

Doctor Allen Micheal













  • The term walkers is a referance to AMC's The Walking Dead

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