“Anthony, you see that?” Logan asks, pointing to something in the woods.

I turn to where he was pointing. A deer stood there eating grass off the grassy terrain. I grab my rifle that once belong to Nathan and aim at the deer’s body. I take the shot and the deer goes down.

“Kick ass shot Anthony.” Logan said as he walked to the deer’s corpse.

“Thanks.” I respond.

It’d been four days since we left Linda and the others at the hospital, the five of us are camped out in a forest in what Paul believes is Kansas. We began dragging the deer’s corpse to our camp about a mile away. After about ten minutes of dragging the deer Logan motioned me to stop.

“Shit, Leaper.” He whispered.

A lone leaper was standing in a clearing, slowly walking in the direction of our camp. Logan pulls out his knife and slowly walked to the leaper. Logan grabbed it’s head and shoved the knife through the undead’s head. He began walking back to me when we hear a gunshot….the shot came from the direction of our camp.

“Shit!” I yelled as I let go of the deer and grabbed my revolver. We began to run to our camp where we found it in ruins. Leapers were walking all around the camp. Logan and I crouched down behind a log and watched as the leapers walked around the camp.

“Where’s Allen, Sarah and Paul?” I ask.

“I have no ide….wait there!” Logan says as he points to a tree. Allen and Sarah were hiding in a tree.

Allen notices us and motions us to stay away.

“We can’t leave them here.” I said.

“I know, I know, how many of those things are out there?” Logan asks.

I look around and count seven leapers.

“Seven of them.” I state. “We can take them on.”

“Are you crazy?” Logan asked.

“I’m pretty sure we’re all a little bit crazy in this world.” I say as I grab the rifle and fire it at one of the leapers. The bullet hits it’s head and the leaper falls to the ground dead. The rest of the leapers “stare” at us and begin to charge.  Logan and I fire our rifles at the leapers, managing to kill three of them. The three left leap at us. Logan and I run for our lives from the leapers, however Logan trips and one of the leapers bites him in the foot.

“FUCK!” Logan yells.

I fire my rifle at the leaper that bit Logan and it falls down dead. The two leapers charge me and as soon as they are about to tear into my flesh a shotgun blast fills the air. The two leapers fall to the ground dead right in front of me. I turn to see Paul run up with his Double Barrel we’d found.

“Shit! Are you guys alright” he asks as Sarah and Allen rush over to us.

“I’m fine but Logan’s….” I start before being cut off.

“Logan you’re bit!” Sarah yells.

“I’m fine it’s just a flesh wound.” Logan says.

Allen kneels down and looks at the bite.

“There’s only one way he’ll survive this.” He says.

“How?” Sarah asks with tears running down her face.

“We cut off his foot.” Allen reveals.

“And that’ll work?” Paul asks.

“It has to.” Allen says as he reaches for Logan’s knife.

“Just fucking do it, do it!” Logan shouts.

Allen grabs the knife and cuts Logan’s left foot off in a messy cut.

“AH FUCKING HELL IT HURTS SO FUCKING MUCH!!” Logan shouts before blacking out into unconsciousness.

“Logan, LOGAN!” Sarah yells.

“He’s losing blood! We need to get back to the ambulance!” Allen says.

“The ambulance is by the road, that’s like a mile away.” I say.

We argue what to do with Logan until we hear a gunshot from behind us, we turn and see…a group of men.

“The name’s Daryl….I see that you guys need some bandages or something.” The man in front says.

Sarah points her pistol at them.

“Give us the fucking bandages!” Sarah commands.

“Woah little lady, I think a deal can be made.” Daryl says with a smile.

All while Logan slowly bleeds out…..


Anthony Ward

Logan Myers

Sarah Myers


Doctor Allen Micheal



  • Pigpen has confirmed the character Daryl will NOT be based off the character from AMC'S The Walking Dead

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Issue 17

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