Issue 1 is the first issue in Volume One of The Seven Deadly Sins. It was written by AdamTheMop and was published on January 25th, 2015.

Volume One: So Let's Begin

Issue 1

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The screams of a soon-to-be mother echoed through the halls of The Almond Tree Hospital’s corridors. The maternity ward inside the hospital was the welcoming place of new-born babies into this world. Our story begins in Room One where our first character is born. Teresa Peacock screamed once more, pushing harder than the last, she looked into her husband’s eyes. They always calmed her down; the soothing blue always did the trick. Albert’s hand was the colour of a tomato because of his wife’s grip. It was getting stronger by the second.

“C’mon Mrs P. You can do it. Come on. Push a bit harder for me” said the doctor egging her on,

“I’m trying Gomez!” Teresa shouted pushing again,

“You can do it babe, one or two more. All it takes” Albert reassuringly said as he kissed her hand,

Teresa pushed as hard as she could while screaming at the top of her lungs. She kept pushing and pushing until suddenly… she stopped. She looked up to see Doctor Gomez holding her new baby in his hands. He cut the umbilical cord off of the child and checked it for the essentials. Fingers, toes, everything a normal human being needed.

“You did it Teresa! You did it!” Albert said smiling,

Teresa tried to muster a laugh but was too out of breath; she laid her head on to pillow and closed her eyes in relief.

“Mr and Mrs Peacock, I would like to present to you your new baby boy” Doctor Gomez said handing the baby to Albert. Teresa got up and began to cry tears of joy. Albert handed her the little boy and said “Thank you Doctor”

“It wasn’t all me. She was a star. It’s Lope by the way” Lope said grinning,

“Thank you anyway Lope” Albert said hugging him.


Albert was walking back to the hospital room with two coffees and a packet of chips. He was humming a slightly happy tune while wearing a cheesy grin on his face. He entered the room to see his new baby boy with his wife. This was probably the best moment of his life.

“I got you some chips and a coffee that ok?” Albert asked,

“It’s fine. What’s with the big grin on your face?” Teresa said slightly grinning as well,

“I’m just glad nothing bad happened. All of the shit you see on TV nowadays”

“Ah ah ah” Teresa said shaking a finger “Don’t swear around your son”

They both laughed for a couple of seconds until Albert asked “So…what do think we should call him?”

“I was thinking something with and O. Oliver or Ozzy”

“Ozzy? Are you kidding me?” Albert said laughing,

“Ok what about you, smart-ass”

“How about Oscar?”

“I haven’t heard of many Oscar’s. Ok. Oscar it is”

“Are you sure?”

“As sure as I’ll ever be” Teresa said looking at little Oscar, “Y’know. He has my eye colour but the shape of your eyes. He also has the same nose as you”

“You think?”

“I know”

Albert looked at Oscar and saw she was right. He had the same nose and the same shaped eyes. Albert smiled and kissed him on the head.


The Oakside Elementary School was bursting with life. It was recess and the kids were let loose onto the playground. Oakside Elementary was known to be one of the best schools in the city for its teaching and overall layout.

Oscar sprinted down the left wing, dribbling the ball past the remaining defender. He saw the goal in sight. He shoots. HE SCORES. His team went wild. He looked at the goalkeeper and saw he was distraught.

“Ay, Martin. You alright?” Oscar asked,

“I’m fine. I just don’t see why we have to play this stupid game” Martin said kicking the ball back to Oscar,

“It’s MY birthday so we play what I want today. We had to play Rugby on YOUR birthday”

“I know. I just don’t see why we didn’t play Football instead of Soccer”

“It is Football. In the UK they call it Football so you’re wrong”

“Oscar that was SICK!” said a voice behind him, Oscar turned around to see his friends, Volker and Cortez. Cortez had a shaved head and a red jacket. Volker was significantly the tallest of the four. He also had a small afro growing.

“Yeah it was. Great goal” Volker said,

“Is Martin giving you trouble?” Cortez said,

Martin stepped back and said “No no no. I-I’m just leaving”

“Heh, what a wimp” said Cortez,

“He’s alright Cortez. Don’t bully him all the time” Volker said slightly hitting Cortez,

“Yeah, he’s ok. I wouldn’t call him COOL but he’s ok” Oscar said,

The school bell rang and the three ran back to their class. Oscar stopped and ran back to the ball. He picked it up and wiped the mud off with his t-shirt.

“Oscar, you’re gonna be late!” Volker shouted,

Oscar sprinted back and re-joined his friends.


The team’s cheers rang through the changing rooms of one of the only secondary schools in Marson. The Marson High School’s Soccer team was one of the best. It had good defence, attack and even one of the best coaches.

“Good game lads” said the coach, Mr Saffron, “I expect to see you all play like that next time!”

Mr Saffron walked outside but was stopped by Oscar. Oscar had been playing for the team for about three years. Ever since elementary he wanted to be on a Soccer team.

“Sir, can I talk to you for a sec?” Oscar asked,

“Sure thing, what do you need?”

“I want to leave the team. I’m getting bored of Soccer and I want to try something new”

“Listen, you’re one of the best players here. If you want to leave then do. You’ll be missed. But you’re how old? Fourteen? You’re old enough to make your own decisions. Go ahead lad”

“Thanks sir. I’ve got to find a class soon though so I’ve gotta go early”

“Ok. I’ll let you out early then today. For the last time”

Oscar went back to get changed and saw Cortez standing there with his clothes,

“Last day man. Least I could do”

“Thanks Cortez. I’ve gotta hurry to get into another class”

“Fucking get changed then man”

Oscar got out of Soccer kit and put on his clothes as fast as he could. He grabbed his bag and ran out of the room.


After about fifteen minutes of looking for a class, Oscar came across the part of the school where they teach Music, Drama and other lessons along those lines. He walked down the hallway and knocked on the door of a Drama class,

“Come in” said a woman inside,

Oscar entered inside and saw a full class; the teacher approached him and said “What do you need?”

“Oh uh, I dropped out of Soccer practice. I needed to find a class to go to instead”

“So you chose Drama eh? Good choice, I am Miss Thomas and we are just finishing off our scripts for tomorrow’s performance. You won’t need to participate or write a script just come along tomorrow. Then all of the other lessons you will have to join in”

“That’s fine” said Oscar, “Thanks”

“See you tomorrow” Miss Thomas said, the bell rang and the class began to exit the class.

Oscar nodded and exited to classroom, outside stood a few people from his new class.

“So you’re joining us?” said one of them. She had brown hair in a ponytail and was of medium height,

“Yeah, I think I am” Oscar said,

“We know who are. You’re the cocky Soccer player”

“And?” Oscar said shrugging his shoulders,

“You’re just a prick”

“I don’t get you. I join your little Drama class and you verbally assault me. I haven’t done anything to you. I don’t even know your name”

“It’s Erin. Erin Turton”

“Nice to meet you” Oscar said sarcastically before walking off.

“Prick. Come on guys, let’s get some lunch” Erin said leading her friends in the opposite direction.


“You don’t need to do this” said the man sobbing, “Please I have a family. Please”

Oscar looked down at the pathetic excuse for a man and said, “You killed MY family. You don’t deserve to live”

Oscar shot a bullet into his head. It went clean through. There was a few seconds of silence until someone said “CUT!”

The set suddenly was full of life. People clapping, others dismantling the set.

“I’m gonna head out. I’ll take this makeup off my face in my car!” Oscar shouted to the crew,

The crew applauded him for his day’s work. When Oscar had exited the set the crew got back to work.

Oscar entered the parking lot to see his blue Chevrolet Silverado. He pressed the button to unlock it got inside. He buckled his seatbelt and was about to start car when his phone rang.

“Hey” Oscar said,

“Hey baby it’s me” a voice came from the phone. It was Erin’s.

“How are you?” Oscar asked,

“I’m ok. How did it go?”

“It went well actually. How was your day?”

“It was good actually. Are you still having dinner with my parents tonight?”

“If all goes to plan then yes. See you later I’ve got to get ready”

“See ya. Love you”

“Love you too” Oscar said hanging up.

Oscar started his engine and drove out of the parking lot.


Oscar drove around the streets of Marson until he saw the two men he was looking for. He pulled over to a Hispanic man and an African-American man. The two men entered the car. The Hispanic man’s hair was shaved at the sides and he was wearing a red jacket. The other man had an afro and wasn’t wearing a t-shirt. He also had piercings on his face and a bright yellow jacket.

“Sup Oscar” said the Hispanic man,

“Yo Cortez, Volker” said Oscar,

“Sup” said Volker,

“Ok. So. My “friends” are waiting behind Tom’s Deli. We park away from them and we walk the rest of the way” said Cortez

“They got the stuff?” asked Oscar,

“They got the stuff” Volker said pushing a button making the window go down,

“We gonna get high as FUCK man!” Cortez shouted,

“Keep your fucking voice down” Volker said,

“Let’s roll” Oscar said, driving the three near the Deli.


Oscar parked his car a few blocks away from the Deli and the three go out.

“Ok, let’s go” Cortez said, the three began to walk down the street,

“Hey Oscar how did it go today?” Volker asked,

It went well actually” Oscar,

“That’s good. I wish I could do that but I’m stuck in a fucking newsagent”

“Hey, I could get you a role on the next film. Like an extra. That’s how I started out anyway”

“That’d be cool. How’s Erin?”

“She’s ok, how’s your bird?”

“Don’t have one mate. But I remember back in High School. She hated your guts”

“Yeah, I know. I guess she had a change of heart”

“Guys shut up. We are nearly there” Cortez said.


The three turned a corner to see Tom’s Deli. They walked around the back of the Deli to see two Hispanic men standing there. One was overweight and had a slight moustache. He was also wearing a black jacket. The other was the younger of the two. He wore a yellow beanie and a red jacket. He was also the shorter of the two.

“Sup guys” Cortez said,

“These your guys?” asked the bigger man,

“Yeah. Oscar and Volker” said Cortez,

"Cool. Cool. You got the money?” said the younger man,

“If you got the stuff” said Volker,

“Actually I don’t have any money. I was kinda counting on you Oscar”

“Are you fucking serious?” Oscar said angrily,

“Wait. Are you Oscar Peacock?” said the younger man,

“Yeah. That’s me”

“Shut up Samuel” said the older man,

“Fuck off León. I was gonna say he needs to pay us extra for us to keep our mouth shut”

“Good thinking. Pay us extra mate. $40 would cut it” León said,

“Give us the weed first man” Cortez said, “His status is in danger”

“Fine” Samuel said handing over a bag. Cortez looked inside and saw the drug inside,

“Ok, pay up Oscar”

“Actually, I think you should meet our boss” León said pulling out a pistol and aiming it at Oscar,

“Shit” mumbled Oscar. Samuel guided the three into their car. León started the engine and drove away from the Deli.


The car stopped by an alleyway. The five got out and Samuel guided them inside. Inside it was manic. All Oscar could see were people of Mexican descent. Some sharpening knives. Others were loading guns. Some eating some sort of food and others playing cards.  León and Samuel stopped at the end of the room and opened a second door. The five entered the room and Oscar saw a Hispanic man sitting on a chair. He was wearing a light-brown jacket and a green t-shirt. He also had some stubble and looked like he hadn’t showered in about a month.

“Boss. It’s the actor. Peacock” said León,

“Oscar Peacock?” said the man,

“Yeah him” said Samuel,

“Did you get his money?”

“No. We thought you’d like to meet him Poncho”

“Fine. Hello Oscar. Hello Oscar’s friends. I am Poncho. Or as my family calls me Hector Romero. I run this little gang here. Now pay up”

Oscar pulled out his wallet and took out $40. He handed it to Hector and said “Are you going to kill us?”

“No. I like your movies. Quite good. You can leave” Hector waved his hands and the three were guided out of the building.


When the three reached Oscar’s car, Oscar said, “That was fucked. Well done Cortez”

“Hey, we got the weed ese”

“Yeah and we paid them” Volker said trying to calm Oscar down,

“You guys can have it. I’m not smoking one bit of it”

“Fine” Cortez said walking away from the two,

“See you later Oscar” Volker said,

Oscar entered his car and drove in the opposite direction.


The next day, there was a knock at the door. Oscar wiped his eyes and got out of bed. He walked downstairs and opened the door. He expected it to be Volker or Cortez but it wasn’t. When he opened the door he saw the biggest man he’d ever seen. The man was wearing a black jacket and had very short hair. He also looked physically strong and had a slight beard growing.

“You hired me” said the man in a low tone,

“Oh yeah. Yeah I did. Come in. Is it Mr Adler?”

“Mr Adler. Jericho. Whatever. I’m your bodyguard so I don’t care. You’re paying me to keep you safe. You’re not paying me to be your friend”

“Ok. You want some coffee or something?”

“No” Jericho said blandly,

“Okay. So there is a party tonight. Celebrating the New Year. I need you to be there”

“Sure” Jericho nodded.


The music was booming. The party was in full swing. Oscar was dancing with Erin. Volker and Cortez were high as a cloud and Jericho was standing there watching everything and anything.

Suddenly the music stopped and everyone started to countdown to the New Year.

“10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, HAPPY NEW YEAR!” Everyone shouted as the countdown ended and the year became 2015.

Jericho looked at his watch and sighed, “Another year. Another load of shit.”

To Be Continued..



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