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The Seven Deadly Sins is a drama story by AdamTheMop.

Plot Edit

Set in Marson, a city located in the United States of America, our story follows seven people who resemble one of The Seven Deadly Sins.

Pride - A celebrity that is known worldwide for his acting abilities. He is cocky but weak.

Greed - One of the richest men alive. He has invested in the arms trade and has the military behind him.

Lust - A strip club owner in the suburbs of Marson. Sex and drug addict and alchoholic. Is the leader of a small gang of African-Americans. 

Wrath - A bodyguard who works for Pride. Just trying to help and/or protect his family. Is an ex-member of an Italian-American gang.

Envy - The personal assistant to Greed. All she wants is his money. She will do anything for it.

Sloth - Leader of the hacking group: Fortune. Doesn't do anything but is the best hacker in the group. 

Gluttony - Member of the hacking group: Fortune. Wants to be the leader. Wants to be the best and will do anything to get there.


Characters Edit

For a full list of characters click here.


  • TSDS's theme is Dishonoured - The Drunken Whaler
  • TSDS's banner/logo was made by Adam

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