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The Safe Haven is compilation of stories revolving around the country of Haven, the last remaining stable civilization since the end of World War III. The unknown omniscient narrator recalls five distinctive stories of, split into 5 parts (six including intros). Each story is connected to each other in unseen ways and delves into eugenics, leadership, ethics, and justice, leading to the Chapter 6 conclusion.

This story takes place in HAVEN, where a coalition of communities has managed to restore agriculture, law (courtesy of the National Security Force), commerce and 'life as we knew it'.

Also in the mix is the strange genetic mutation called The Gift, which has both united and split humanity, a virus which caused some populations to mutate into monsters.

Update: this story is discontinued on FFL in lieu of a story-reboot.


A wasteland survivor exacts a long-sought revenge, and the NSF must intercept the threat while balancing the fragile law. At the same time, the criminal underworld seeks to catch the killer.

Chapter 1: Hunting for Prey - Aaron begins his journey of revenge.

Chapter 2: Settling the West - Terrence investigates the murder of Deputy Minister Willow.

Chapter 3: Master of Puppets - defense attorney Isabelle set the wheels turning in the criminal underworld.

Chapter 4: Catching the Scent - Aaron comes closer to his goal.


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