The Poisoned Heart Is a zombie fanfiction by Purry. It follows the story of a small group who try to do anything to survive.


Emma and Nuno, all alone in the cold, dark world of the unknown. They stumble across Tommy, a lone boy who takes them back to their camp. Only to find it overrun.  They now must face the dark horrors of the outside world, infested with undead corpses.


Characters List

Characters List - No Spoilers

Author NoteEdit

Most of these characters are based off of real life people.



Season OneEdit

1. "Welcome To Hell"

2. "Homeless Paradise"

3. "I'll Never See The Light Again"

4. "Hurting"

5 "Slash"

6. "Picking Up The Pieces"

7 "New Friends"

8. "Screams Of An Infant"

9 "Death Toll"

Season TwoEdit

10 "Starting To Hurt"

11 "No Place Like Home"

12 "Maybe Next Time"

13 "Sniffle"

14 "Resting In The Cold"

15 "The Penny Drops"

16 "Listen To The Flesh Tear"

17 "Loosing Hope So Far..."

18 "Finally Free"

Season ThreeEdit



  • This story, is Actually based off of an RPG, found HERE (SPOILERS)

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