Cast Edit

  • Gareth Harrison
  • Jackson McNeil
  • Beth
  • John Lincoln
  • Craig

Story Edit

Gareth was watching the news "and yet countries start to freeze,the USA,UK,Russia,China,Israel,Japan,France,Italy and more and more countries start to possibly freeze to death"

Gareth heard a knock on his apartment door

as he opened it he saw his neighbour Beth at the door "the mayor is going to talk to the town about the freezing thing,Ice,Snow all of that in summer is really strange huh?" "Yeah,lets go"

As the mayor went to give his speech all the people gave him strange looks,he was giving his speech at the Peach Tree High School

"Dear people of this great town,I have to-" the mayor John Lincoln said as someone shot him "AARRRRGHH!" Someone yelled

It was A friend of Gareth named Jackson McNeil "Oh My God what happened?" Beth asked

"I'm missing an eye Sherlock Holmes!,this douchebag Craig stabbed me after the gunshot,It was him"

"Well,I'm No doctor but I can try and help" Beth said

"I'll chase Craig"

When Gareth came into the alley he figured he was Ambushed,sadly for him he was right and Craig pushed him to the corner

"Why Craig?" "Why? you fucker..Ha,WHY? BECAUSE THE APOCALYPSE STARTED!,we have to get supplies and survive and not trust this random asshole,we all saw it,you hope the goverment will save you,but It'll never happen,you'll die and people will keep on untill someone can confirm it,Ha,now....Just..Ha..HAHAHA..Die!,I'll-" Craig said while loosing his mind and as his body fell dead to the ground,the killer was revealed to be,Jackson,with an eye patch

"you never shut the fuck up do ya Craig" he said and spitted on his body "He's right tho,we can't trust the goverment,most chances are..that we're alone in that"

Deaths Edit

  • John Lincoln
  • Craig

Trivia Edit

  • This Issue is the most Short one in both The Living Freezer and Rise Of The Danger.
  • It is confirmed that Jackson McNeil is based on Todd McNeil.

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