The Hyper-Adrenal Gland, also called 'The Gift' is a genetic mutation that is incredibly rare.


After the results of World War III and massive global radiation, most of the human population would be mutated. Some would die, others become horribly disfigured. Yet another group of humans, however (approximately 1 out of 1,000,000 in regards to the surviving human population) would come to express the Gift in the early years of the apocalypse.


The Gift works thus: as an individual matures, the Gift begins to display prominence. When an individual is placed in a situation of life or death, the Gift will 'express' and activate in a form that will help the individual survive the situation. The Gift will infinitely be expressed through that method, and the user may control the ability at will, improving control through practice. That ability can't be 're-rolled' so to speak, so when someone's Gift reaches 'expression', it can't be changed.

Example: if someone with the Gift and the proper maturity were to be in a dangerous fire, the Gift would express itself through "Pyromancy".

Known Gifted CharactersEdit


  • The word 'Gift' translates roughly to 'poison' from German, which is how some people have come to characterize the mutation.

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