The Dank Among Us


Ghost Wolf is a detective in Booberry he solves murders and does badass stuff. He and others in the town hold the dark secret of being Fables.


Character list and what not. Jam hot

  • Ghost as Ghost Wolf (Bigby)
  • Kaley as SilentSnow (Snow)
  • NeganTWD as IchabodTWD (Ichabod Crane)
  • Adam as BufkinTheMop (Bufkin)
  • Brandon Rhea as Magic Rhea (Magic Mirror)
  • Caulk as Caulksman (Woody)
  • CamTheWoot as CamTheToad (Toad)
  • Spete15 as Cam Jr. (Toad Jr.)
  • Naruto as Naruence (Lawrence)
  • Dom as FaithT22 (Faith)
  • AxelTWD as GrimbleTWD (Grimble)
  • Dion Grey as Dion Cry (Cryer)
  • Jazzed About It as Jazzedbeard (Bluebeard)
  • Pigpen as Swinepen (Swineheart)
  • Riwee as Biwee (Beast)
  • Jessica Nigri as Fuckbuddy (Beauty)
  • Shell as Collin (Colin)
  • Masta as Zigglercatcher (Flycatcher)
  • Phazon as Tweedlenerd (Tweedledee)
  • Zora as Tweedlememe (Tweedledum)
  • Tommy as GrendieBoi (Grendel)
  • Razor as Jack Horny (Jack Horner)
  • Debsugar as Hollysugar (Holly)
  • Jane's Nail File as Lily's Nail File (Lily)
  • Detective Pig as Nickpen Brannigan (Kelsey Brannigan)
  • Juanmaseta as Nerseta (Nerissa)
  • Lav as Hans Ludwig (Hans)
  • BernieBoi as BerniePie (Georgie Porgie)
  • Purry as Amazing Vivian (Vivian)
  • InsaneHippo as GreenHippo and his alias Jasper (Greenleaf/Rachel)
  • DankShadow as Lil Jo Jo (Tiny Tim)
  • Gravelord as The Crookedlord (Crooked Man)
  • Katie as KatieTheMaryFan (Bloody Mary)
  • Bloxx as Jerseysourus (Jersey)
  • Lee Dixon as Leehann (Johann)
  • AwesomeJ as Guy who calls Biwee and Fuckbuddy (Caller person)


Episode 1: DomEdit

Episode 2: Hookers and CokeEdit

Episode 3: A Crooked LordEdit

Episode 4: In Katie's Pantie DrawerEdit


Episode 5: Savage WolfEdit



  • hi
  • ya fuck you darkshadow
  • I fixed a lot of Dark's terrible casting.
    • ya fuck him
    • i agro
  • Pigpen
  • inb4 "gost has 2 many series"
    • It'll takes like 5 minutes to write an issue stop bitching.
  • Cam helped with the names and made the poster.
  • Razor WILL make the character images.
  • ech
  • top bance
  • The theme is Wolves Against The World by Powerwolf. The most wolf thing ever

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