by bloxxasourus.

sasha's wet fire fighter dayEdit

"fire! fire! fire1" sasha screams, turning on house 

"help us" kids say from window

WOOSH1 water hose goes, knocking children into fire, killing them 





"come on!" co-fire fighter say 

they keep firing the water at the firey hous.

"my fault" sasha says, angre

"no dont balme yourself sash." co-fire fighter say

"but they fell in fire beco of me"

"i dont know"

suddenly, a man with beard and brown hair and crossbow is there

"my momma! she was in the house! no!" he say

"whats your name, guy? sasha ask

looks on into fire, man sighs sadlee

"darul now i need to tel morl." darel say before running into woods full of evil bears 

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