by bloxxasourus.

bobs drinkEdit

"hey bob" say shrek walking past him on the street where bob sleeps because he homeless

"hey shane" bob say drinking vodka

bob hates shane

"whaddap" bob says, walking up to the likor store owner otis greene

"how can i help you friend" otis ask

"i need beer" bob says

"1o dolar" otis say

"i only have tree dollar" bob say

"nnot enof" otis say

"why not" bon ask

"get out" otis say

"fine" bob say walking out, sad

that night bob was crying he needs beer. he goes to otis greenes house in the country, sees otis dog named otis the ford. 

"hello" otis the forth say

"hello" bob says

bob rapes otis the forg and when he done, he knocks otis little boy out with shovel

"stupid cat" bob say walking way

once he got into the house he punch otis then steal money and drink all of his booze 

"i won." bob say

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