by bloxxasourus.

morl and darul fight the bear Edit

"MORL" say darel in the wood

"hut up, lil bruda" morl say, waving his nife hand in daryl fas

"bears?" darl ask

morl nods

"mom died in forest fire"

"a forest fire that spread to her house, i no" morl say


"i saw it"

"and you didnt do sh*t" daryl say hitting morl

"die asshole" darul say

"RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWr" the bear say, jumpig from big tree and right next to morl

"oh crod" morl say

"watch out" derl say, shooting bear in hand with aro

"ow" bear says, falling over, dead

"headshot" morl say happy 

"im sorry for being mean morl moms deth wasnt ur fault" darul say 

"it gud lil brudda LES eat" morl say 

that night in the wood the to brothers eat the bear and then thei danc reall happy bout bein alive

when darl go to sleep, morl can hear him cryin

"dont be such a possum, dorl" morl say meanly

"MOMS DED MORK" darl say crying

"sshh it oka" morl say hugging dorl "it will all b ok"

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