by bloXXXasourus. 

are you my mummy?Edit

in egypt, doctor edwort jenner is in piramed 

he brush off the sarcofoguz 

"found it, I FOUND IT, I  FOUND IT!" he yell before he use the screwdriver to pry it open, he punches the mummy face and take out blue bottel from the chest cavity 

jenir goees two the excervaytshun site and goes to his wif at computer 

"hey bave i got the h1n1 virus but before we do tests les have secks" jenorg say

"ok" wife say

-one erection that lasts for more than 4 hours later...- 

"this is amazing" wife say

"ok" jennir say

"and you got this from the mummy" wife say

"yes" jenor say

"ok" wife say

somehow, the wife is stupid and she falls over and botle flies into the air and it breakz on the mummy and the mumy turn into zombie

"are you my mummy" jenr say before taking wife and run into the plane and fly to america

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